PA man caught cranking it to juveniles on MyYearbook

Edward Hockenbury
Edward Hockenbury

Man charge with exposing child to porn:

Police in Pennsylvania arrested 28-year-old Edward Joseph Hockenbury of Warminster after police received a notice from the NCMEC that he was allegedly exposing himself and masturbating on webcam to underage girls that he met on MyYearbook.

Before we go any further he’s 28? He looks like he’s old enough to be starting his mid-life crisis.

After further investigation police discovered that MyYearbook sent more than 200 notices to the NCEMC about the same guy. The IP addresses were all the same.

Hockenbury would allegedly purposely list his own age as under 18 so he could have contact with the underage girls.

In one of the message sessions, an “ed joseph” was sending sexual messages to a juvenile who responded that she was “15,” according to court records. The male responded, “I know I cant help it your so gorgeous,” according to court records.

I’m amazed at how many complaints that MyYearbook and the NCMEC received before sending any along to police. I know the NCEMC does great work but it shouldn’t take the 201st complaint before something is done about a predator.

4 thoughts on “PA man caught cranking it to juveniles on MyYearbook”

  1. Alot of the underage girls on myyearbook pose in their underware begging to be raped look at most of the girls pics and charge em with child porn


  2. wtf…’begging to be raped’…???
    I never posted any semi-nude or indeed nude pictures on MYYB, or MeetMe as it’s now called. And yet i had to deal with perverted messages asking me to suck c**k or whether i liked it up the @ss. Every day i had one creep or another cyber-assaulting me with HIS sexual proclivities, whether i liked it or not. And if i objected to being treated that way , I was told i shouldnt be on the internet. We no longer put responsibility with the creeps, we lay accountability at the feet of the cyber assaulted people merely for being on the Internet.
    And meetme…well, they happily cash in on advertisers of delights such as “LocalSlags” “FishDating” “Find Busty Women”. 


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