No custody of kids for New Jersey Nazis

Heath Campbell. Why yes that is a Hitler mustache and a swastika tattoo.

Adolf Hitler Campbell Custody Battle: Parents Will Not Get Kids Back After Nazi Naming:

You remember Heath and Deborah Campbell of Phillipsburg, New Jersey don’t you? They were the couple who had their kids taken away after naming them after Nazi icons. To refresh your memory the kids’ names were Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. They also had a fourth child named Hons who was also taken away by the state.

This past week a New Jersey Superior Court judged ruled that the Campbell’s will not be regaining custody of their kids anytime soon. It feels like judicial common sense is making a comeback.

Now before every bleeding heart cries out that this is a freedom of speech issue let5’s not forget that there was evidence of abuse and neglect in the home as well. Not to mention that naming your kids after one of the darkest moment’s in human history is abuse enough.

Let us also not forget that both Campbells were also collecting disability benefits for minor ailments that they claim prevented them from working. Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t the disabled gassed in Hitler’s Germany?

However, it looks like the Campbells may be starting to see a little of the light. Debbie Campbell has since left her husband and moved out-of-state while Heath Campbell has even said he’ll swear off his Nazi beliefs in order to get his kids back…

“If I have to give up my Nazism, then so be it. I’ll do it,” Heath Campbell told the Star-Ledger. “[The children are] more my heart and soul and everything than anything.”

Now we’ll see if he’ll get off his ass and go get a job and get his Nazi tattoos removed.

13 thoughts on “No custody of kids for New Jersey Nazis”

  1. Well, he might change their names to ones that won’t stop them from getting jobs in the future.  He’ll never stop being some wannabe badass Nazi punk.  And I don’t think there’s any laws that stop you from raising your kids to be Nazis too. 


  2. This is a tough call. If the kids were being abused, as it is mentioned – it is a no-brainer however, if the abuse charge was a way to simply get the children away from the parents -I would begrudgingly say the parents are within their rights to name the children as they see, providing they are not using profane or derogatory names. 


    1.  Let’s put that theory to the test: change your name name to either of the ones used.  Then try to get a job above minimum wage, admission to college, or maintain a Facebook page with any friends who aren’t ex-cons or meth heads (your Mom doesn’t count.)


  3. This isn’t abuse, but rather its all about stupid names, which can be changed in the future. If there’s zero evidence of physical and mental abuse the there’s no grounds for allowing the father to not see his children. PS: there are plenty of stupid names that I’ve come across that haven’t gotten this attention such as: Trala, Magic Moon ( two coworkers) and here’s a famous person, Peekaboo. There’s even a couple that use 2.0 to replace Jr., so if naming a child an odd and stupid name amounts to abuse, well there’s plenty of “criminals” out there.


    1. I’m pretty sure this is more about the fact that this loser picked names that were symbolic of one of the world’s most horrific hate crimes. This isn’t about stupid names this freak wore a swastika to court and worships a regime which systematically used hate to destroy anyone who wasn’t a perfect German. He is abusing his children by poisoning their minds with hatred and prejudice. The kids need to be away from this idiot, and since he loves Nazis so much, maybe he can be hanged just like his “gods”.

      Erik Lundrbeck – that’s a German name, nicht wahr? You should know all about how neo nazism is not only frowned upon, but is illegal in many parts of the world including Germany, Australia and the USA (no, it’s not free speech – because what this freak stands for is hate crimes and hate speech which is not covered under Free Speech laws)


  4. Look at this freak parading around in a Nazi uniform. He reckons he’s a good dad. A good dad teaches his children about the beauty of the world and to accept and tolerate others who are different. They don’t fill their children’s minds with hate speech. Nazism in all forms is widely regarded as horrific and hateful, yet this weirdo thinks it’s okay to revive a regime that systematically destroyed people all in the name of “ethnic cleansing”, a regime that is out dated and belongs in the past as a dark period in history.

    Makes me fucking sick.


  5. You can’t just turn off being a racist, although I hope she tries. I remember the ole days in the 60s, couples naming there kids Crazy names. My girlfriend named her daughter “Tangerine Rainbow”. As soon as she was 18 she changed it to Diana Lynn. Your kids are ppl, not your canvass for opinions. Children aren’t bumper stickers.


      1. Unfortunately, self realization requires a certain level of intelligence. You’re not going to find that with this bunch. Those on the lower end of the scale are going to have a very difficult time thinking past parroting what they’ve been conditioned to believe.
        Pleasant thought for the day: Half the population is of below average intelligence.


    1. I agree that you can’t just “switch it off” but I also know a woman who used to be incredibly racist towards our indigenous community (Australia) prior to spending some time living in a community in the Northern Territory with an indigenous family. She witnessed their day to day struggles, the crap they have to deal with because of racism, the horrible conditions forced on them through underfunding of basic community services, etc etc.

      She is a totally different person. Her attitude has completely changed &amp she now has empathy for indigenous Australians.


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