Minn. Backpage child pimp sentenced

Samuel Cozart
Samuel Cozart

Man gets 21-year sentence for prostituting underage girl:

39-year-old Samuel Cozart of Columbia Heights, Minn. was sentenced this past week to 21 years in prison for prostituting a 17-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media-owned backpage.com. In addition to his sentence, Cozart will also be on the sex offender registry.

Being the classy guy that he is Cozart would not only trade the girl out for cash but also sold her for meth. And if you think that the girl was a willing participant think again.

Eventually, she broke down and asked for help during the investigation.

Doesn’t sound to consenting does it and there’s no way she’s an adult.

21 years in jail is a good start but if the government was serious about curbing the trafficking of children it should be an automatic life sentence for traffickers and serious jail time for the johns. I’ve said it before if you make the risk greater than the reward than these kids may have a chance. Not to mention it would seriously curtail the millions of dollars that Backpage is making off of these ads.

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