We get letters: Stop hating on damien

Damien Echols (These are actually the 3D glasses you'll need for my movie.)
Damien Echols (These are actually the 3D glasses you’ll need for my movie.)

I received the following e-mails from a kid. I know this because the word kid was used in their e-mail address. They’re from another supporter of the West Memphis 3. Or again as they should be referred to Damien Echols and the other two guys.

I am gothic too, killing dogs and animals does not meen anything …. I meen it is just an animal !! I like blood and goor , and i like learning about murderers…… But when i read about this one it made me puke ….. How could someone kill such innocent , adorable … Little boys…. I am poor and live i a runned down area … But i still feel compasion for these poor little boys…. My heart goes out to the victims families … But you cant charge people for the way they look or dress…. If anyone talks to me like that … They will get beat up …. I love black and rock n roll and heavy metal … Their is nothing wrong with that … I love the way i am ….. R.i.p christopher , steven , and michael …. You are never forgotten !!

You have a problem …. Stop hating on damien …. He did not do anything …. The people who really murdered these boys should be found and killed….. I like his hair and who cares if he killed an animal ? To me it doesnt matter ….. I love the color black and heavy metal … Doesnt meen i would kill someone ….. These little boys did not diserve this … This story made me puke and it made me sick to hear about what happend to them … Damien did nothing wrong , neither did jason , or jessie , i feel sorry for the accused … They dont diserve this … Just as much as those poor boys didnt diserve to be murdered is such a heartless manner …. R.i.p stevie , christopher , and michael …. We love you boys and we will always miss you !! R.i.p

Originally I was going to rip this kid a new one. I mean it’s obvious they’re an unsupervised minor on the information superhighway about to get plowed into by the tractor-trailer of truth that is Trench Reynolds. Then I thought about it. This kid can’t really help it. They’re just young and ignorant. So I would please ask that in the comments be polite to this lost child.

Anyway, I’m going to address the kid directly. Kid, can I call you Kid? Listen Kid, I think it’s great that you actually have sympathy for the victims of this horrendous crime. A lot of your adult counterparts are more concerned with the well-being of Echols rather than having concern about the victims. That is commendable on your part.

I’m going to guess that you’re no older than 15. I mean this in the nicest way but you don’t know anything at that age. Don’t take it personally, no one does that age. Hell, I was an idiot at that age. You have no idea how the real world works.

You obviously just recently found out about this case either through the Paradise Lost movies or maybe on some music message board someone pointed you in the direction of the WM3 website. As I’ve said though you have a lot to learn about how the real world works.

First of all animal abuse is a horrific crime. A lot of people consider their pets to be a part of their family. Would you say it was just an animal if it was one that you loved? I doubt you would. Not to mention that people who become serial killers in a lot of cases started out as animal killers. Echols killed a Great Dane by repeatedly stomping on its head. These are not the actions of a rational human being.

Secondly, this case had nothing to do with listening to metal and wearing black. When I was younger I wore all black and listened to metal. Now I’m in my 40s and I still listen to metal and wear all black. Instead of a concert shirt, it’s now a dress shirt and tie. Instead of having long hair I have it cut short to the point where it stands up on its own. People seem to find that more intimidating than some kid wearing a Slipknot t-shirt. This case had everything to do with the fact that Echols thought he was evil incarnate and wanted to commit the most horrific crime that he could think of. The triple murder of children was a crime of opportunity that fell into his requirements. Their convictions were repeatedly upheld even by the Arkansas State Supreme Court. If this was a case of some rednecks railroading a couple of metal kids it would have been discovered. Besides the fact that Misskelley made multiple confessions even after his own conviction.

Do yourself a favor. Get an education and learn how to make decisions for yourself and not just follow the herd because it tugs at your heartstrings.

6 thoughts on “We get letters: Stop hating on damien”

  1. So sad to think people rely on the movies made of Paradise Lost, they are so deceptive in the information they provide. Echols Baldwin and Misskelley, Kid, and make no mistake Misskelley confessed more than 3 times are guilty. They took a plea of guilt to get out of jail. Sorry I agree with Trench nothing to do with music or black. Thats what ppl sold the story or used it as a marketing tool. It worked.


  2. I usually agree with you on all points. I must say I disagree with you on the Branch, Byers, Moore case. Carry on. 


  3. If you think a half a tard and two teenagers could pull that murder of with out leaving any evidence behind you are sadly mistaken.  And all of Misskelly’s confessions make ZERO SENSE.  I have studied this case with no bias.  And it is beyond obvious The WM3 are innocent.  Echols has some serious problems but he did not kill those 3 kids.


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