Nicholas Morales-Macedo is your latest Backpage rapist

Nicholas Morales-Macedo
Nicholas Morales-Macedo

Silver Spring Man Charged With Sexual Assault:

Man impersonating police officer sexually assaults prostitute in Silver Spring:

Police in Silver Spring, Maryland have arrested 21-year-old Nicholas Morales-Macedo and charged him with allegedly raping a prostitute he got off of the Village Voice Media-owned

Police say that after the woman arrived at Morales-Macedo’s home he produced a rifle and told his victim that he was a Montgomery County police officer. He then ‘made her perform a sex act’ as the article says but let’s call it what it is, rape.

Morales-Macedo is being held on $2M bail. You can’t tell me this is a simple assault with that kind of bond.

I would hazard a guess that this probably wasn’t his first rape rodeo. Not only are rapes severely under-reported I would imagine that not a lot of prostitutes in his victim’s condition would go to the police.

And once again we have the vaunted defenders of free speech at Backpage facilitating yet another rape through their adult section, only this time no money was exchanged.

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