Supreme Court rules automatic LWOP sentences for teens unconstitutional


Court: No automatic life without parole for kids:

While everyone this week was flapping their gums about the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare there was another Supreme Court ruling that didn’t get nearly as much attention.

This past week the Supreme Court ruled that states can not impose automatic sentences of life without parole to juvenile offenders. You would think that I would be pissed about this but I’m not. I mean I’m disappointed but not pissed. This ruling means that states can’t set automatic life sentences without parole for certain crimes that teens commit. However, juveniles can still be sentenced to LWOP it’s just that the sentence has to be handed down by a judge or jury.

What this really means is that we’re going to see a lot of appeals for teens that had been automatically sentenced to LWOP. I(‘m sure we’ll start seeing some familiar names start popping up in the not so distant future.

While I’m not overly upset about this ruling since juvenile killers can still be sentenced to LWOP it is a step in the wrong direction. Eventually, I’m sure it will be ruled that LWOP for teens is cruel and unusual and we’ll go back to the days where juvenile killers did no time due to their age.

If I remember correctly the concept of trying teens as adults sprung up from the gangs of California who would use kids as triggermen because they would end up doing little to no time. The funny thing is it’s the white kids who are getting these rulings overturned. People see kids like John Odgren or Eric Hainstock and think how sad it is for them to be in prison for life but if it was some gangbanger who is a black kid they wouldn’t bat an eyelash about it. Me? I say put them all away for life regardless of color if their crime merits it.

We’re sliding into hell as a society, we need less criminal coddling and more hard time.

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