From the mouth of Liz McDougall III

Liz McDougall
Liz McDougall

So what do you think? Should I give Liz McDougall’s picture the Jim Buckmaster treatment?

Girl at another Florida foster home also lured into prostitution:

This article from the Miami Herald is about a 16-year-old girl at a foster home who was lured away and allegedly turned out on the Village Voice Media-owned by Gregory Goellet Hodge Jr. That’s not what I want to talk to you about though. Once again the head legal weasel mouthpiece for Backpage and all-around corporate whore, Liz McDougall, has opened up her gaping maw once again about how great Backpage is for stopping the sex trafficking of children.

Liz McDougall, general counsel for Village Voice Media, said the company screens ads in its adult section twice before they go up, once by a computer and once by a person, and a third time after the ads are published looking for signs of illegal activity. Once they’ve been notified of a law enforcement investigation, they immediately cooperate, she said.

In my opinion, the ads are probably being screened by a TRS-80, an intern then left to the non-existent community policing. I wonder how much money it takes to get Liz McDougall to believe her own lies? I can hardly go a week without posting about a minor girl who was being trafficked on Backpage. Just imagine how many more never make it to the news that are being peddled into sexual slavery under the watchful eye of Joey the creepy intern and his 30-year-old computer.

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