Your Honor, my client couldn’t have blown up the school because he’s a moron

Jared Cano
Jared Cano

Defense: Freedom student couldn’t have blown up school:

Jared Cano was 17-when he was arrested for plotting to blow up Freedom High School in Tampa, Florida back in August of 2011. Police say that he was in possession of bomb-making materials and wanted to ‘beat’ the body count of Columbine. Now Cano’s defense attorney is calling the bomb-making materials into question and using it as part of the defense.

Cano’s attorney is saying that since no actual explosives were found among the materials that the charges should be dropped against his client…

The bomb-making materials included fuel, fuses, shrapnel and timers.

Defense attorney Canella sent most of the materials to an explosives expert, Dale C. Mann, who concluded that the “person mixing them had little or no knowledge of explosive materials. These mixtures are not explosive and may not even be combustible.”

So basically his defense attorney is saying that his client could have not blown up Freedom High because he’s retarded. I don’t think that anyone will argue with that. However, the State’s Attorney displayed in court how the law really works…

But Terry said that expert conclusion is irrelevant under the law: “He was attempting to make an explosive device…The statute doesn’t require that the bomb actually works.”

One witness reports that Cano had allegedly detonated homemade explosive devices before and constantly spoke of Columbine.

Before everyone goes ‘Aw what a poor child’ on me let’s not forget that Cano has had a pretty stellar criminal career including being in possession of a firearm, drug possession, burglary and altering the serial numbers of a firearm.

While the kid may be educationally stunted he sure seems to know a lot on how to be a criminal. Mass murder would not have been a stretch for this punk.

2 thoughts on “Your Honor, my client couldn’t have blown up the school because he’s a moron”

  1. What is the purpose of having a Lawyer.Surely it is not to get him off by twisting all the statements around. It is to see that he gets a fair trial.lLawyers are really bugging me. They lie and cheat and pull good people down to the gutter with them. It’s disgusting how Lawyers act.


  2. Hey, you shouldn’t be so condescending.  After all, a lawyer told the truth for once!  It’s a perfect Dramatic Chipmunk moment.


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