Holmies: A new breed of murder groupies

James Holmes
James Holmes

‘Holmies for life’: Shocking pictures reveal sick online fans of Dark Knight massacre gunman James Holmes who wear his favourite clothes:

A Guide To The Dark World Of James Holmes Internet Fandom:

Murder groupies are nothing new to me. I’ve been writing about them since roughly the first day I put keyboard to a text field. I originally posted about the mutants. A term I use about the people who either idolize or sympathize with school shooters, mostly the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold. Then a few years later I started writing about the fans of convicted tripe child murderer Damien Echols of the West Memphis 3. So it came as no shock to me that there are now fans of Aurora theater mass-murdering scumbag James Holmes. They’ve even already named themselves. They call themselves “Holmies’.

Murder fandom is nothing new. I don’t know who the first murdering coward was that received a piece of fan mail but it’s been going on as long as I can remember. Women have written love letters to Ted Bundy. The Menendez brothers both got married while serving life terms for killing their parents. Also, I’ve known way too many people who were really into Charles Manson. But just because it’s not new it doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

The ‘Holmies’ are mostly teenage girls who think that Holmes is hot. I guess if you’re into Ronald McDonald but whatever. Like most teenage girls they show their adoration for Holmes with pictures and letters that they’ve posted on the internet. They have group forums and chat rooms where they talk about the crushes that they have on him. It’s like how most teenage girls show their obsessions with their favorite pop star but instead, their idol is a mass-murdering psychopath. They also wear plaid and drink Slurpees in homage of Holmes since he was allegedly arrested in a plaid shirt and he talked about owning a Slurpee machine when he was younger. I would imagine some of them have even dyed their hair like Holmes.

Too many kids today in our society have no moral compass. They’re told that everyone is special and that there is no right or wrong. It’s all about what they want at any given time. And don’t give me any crap about these kids or even Holmes being an outcast. When I was a kid there wasn’t hardly anyone who was more of an outcast than I was and my attention was never drawn once to serial killers or mass murderers. To these kids, I say this is wrong. This is not a good or even a safe thing to do. By proclaiming a public love for someone who took the lives of 12 innocent people and sent dozens more to the hospital will invite nothing but trouble on you. To their parents, I say pay closer, or any, attention to your kids. If they’re a ‘Holmie’ do your damn job as a parent and put a stop to it. As I always like to say, you’re their parent first and their friend second.

I wonder how long it will be before one of these ‘Holmies’ gets locked up for plotting or committing their own crime.

7 thoughts on “Holmies: A new breed of murder groupies”

  1. How can a kid today have any kind of moral compass when dad walked out and mom is either working 3 jobs or on the welfare/meth bandwagon.  Plus all the kid sees on TV is people with lots of stuff he wants but can’t have and doesn’t deserve because he can’t get a job due to the fact he dropped out of school.  Sperm donors need to have to stick around long enough to get the kid through school.  You ought to have to take a test, prove financial responsibility, and get a license before you can have a kid, like a motorcycle or even some dogs.  Just because you CAN breed doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  And, no matter what the far right thinks, we need to be hammering birth control and responsibility in these kids heads at school from age 9 on.  And giving the crap out for free.  It would sure cost society (that’s you and me, Mr. &amp Ms. Taxpayer) less than years in the revolving door prison system. 


    1.  You have a point about people needing a license to raise children, yes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree most often. I do not agree with your statement about single parents and them working to support their children, there was a point I had to work to jobs to get ahead and was going to school. There are cases of many “well to do people” hurting or murdering their children and little rich brats acting like they are above the law. Poverty does lead to prison but its not about the money its about the fact that the world has become a place where everyone gets an E for effort whether they tried are not. Too many people push others down to get where they want to go. Sometimes it’s genetics others is simply bad choices made. I came from a home that was poor, abusive and full of drugs/alcohol. No one was there to teach me anything different. I became married and pregnant young almost taking the path of my mother but I did not. I hope that I am doing everything I can to prepare my kids for the world because it is a dangerous cesspool filled with evil people. In some instances yes I agree with your consensus of needing something to determine whether or not people should have kids but I disagree with your consensus that all working parents are crappy, financial stability only solves some things but you can’t throw money at everything.


      1. You made some very valid points. I know what it’s like to try as hard as possible (and mostly succeed) to not do to your own kids some of the bad and hurtful things that were done to you in childhood, Congrats to you, my friend. I’m sure your kids will turn out great, thanks to you and your efforts. Wish there were more like you.


        1. I do too (wish there were more like me) because I see shit in the news everyday that breaks my heart and the defense that these women use are just f-ing pathetic. I have been down in those hell holes before but never have I done anything to hurt my kids. There were times we were so broke that I couldn’t buy food for everyone so I simply didn’t eat, there were times I couldn’t afford healthcare for everyone in our family so I went without but I would be damned if my kids ever did. I really wish people would stop being so freaking self-centered and that is what is basically boils down to. People think about themselves mainly and not what their kid’s need. It is sad because when you become a parent your wants and needs don’t matter….the child’s wants and needs do.


  2. Hell, why not teach child-rearing in school instead of driver’s ed? And in Germany, you have to get special permission from citizens’ board and license to breed your danged dog. Get wise America. Stop bad breeders before they get started.


  3. Groupies of any type are just wanna-be’s. Worst of all are the murderer and serial-killer groupies. Some women even marry these genetic mutants. Nothing scares me more than a wanna-be anything. That means they are letting someone else operate the car while they sit behind the wheel with a blindfold on.


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