A year since justice was denied

Damien Echols (Happy anniversary to me. I’m a child killer set free)
Damien Echols (Happy anniversary to me. I’m a child killer set free)

In brief: West Memphis 3 still want help finding ‘real killer’:

One year ago today is when the convicted child killers known as the West Memphis 3 were wrongly released from prison. There have been several articles out this week about what they’re doing now. It seems Echols is the only one who is doing well for himself. Not surprising since the WM3 movement was all about him anyway. As always Baldwin and Misskelley were just means to an end. But I digress.

What I wanted to talk about was this article from The Commercial appeal which didn’t delve into the tabloid-like reporting that other outlets have engaged in. In a brief piece that also included the local Humane Society offering free vaccinations for pets they mentioned that the West Memphis 1 West Memphis 3 in true OJ fashion are still looking for the ‘real killer’

Lonnie Soury, a spokesman for former Arkansas death row inmate Damien Echols and former inmates Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr., released a statement Thursday. He said investigators are still investigating the 1993 murders of 8-year-olds Stevie Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers. They’re offering a $200,000 reward and a tip line: 501-256-1775.

This isn’t a reward. It’s a bounty for falsified testimony to frame an innocent man in my opinion.

Speaking of finding the real killers how is that going along. I’m guessing Echols has looked all over New Zealand, his book tour stops, and the set of his co-produced movie. Maybe Echols and OJ Simpson can have a real killers world tour.

It also seems that CNN ran an interview recently between Piers Morgan and Echols and Baldwin. I don’t know if it’s a recent interview but I did receive a couple of e-mails on it.

The first one is from an Oregon district attorney…

Thank you for offering some sober objective commentary on this horrible case.

I am a prosecutor who teaches capital litigation across the country. I became aware of this case in 1995 only because I was trying an un-related murder where the female defendant used Richard Ofshe to claim she had been coerced into a false confession. Like the WM3 the jury did not buy it and I read the WM3 transcripts in preparation for my trial (State vs. Linda Stangel).

I am watching Piers Morgan claiming that an Alford plea is “extremely rare.: That is a lie. I see dozens every year if not more, just in my county.

I don’t need to tell you that the WM3 are guilty in the eyes of the law, can never sue the cops and have to answer “yes” if asked if they are guilty of murder.

I found it interesting that Jesse, who they now tag as “retarded” – a phrase never used outside capital litigation, “declined to appear” on CNN and that paragon of journalistic ethics (that’s a joke – he’s implicated in the phone hacking scandals in Britain)

My website details several other high-profile cases where prosecutors and victims families succumb to what I term “prosecutorial fatigue” – exhaustion over trying cases over and over (I have tried one sociopath 3 times in 20 years and four times juries have sentenced him to death) But I understand why a victim’s family sometimes says “no more.”

I am revolted by the Hollywood glitterati’s adoption of some cases like the WM3 and the MSM’s totally uncritical examination of the truth.

A play called “The Exonerated” features six people once on death row (five are free, one is in prison for an identical homicide for the one for which he was acquitted. But two, Sonia “Sonny” Jacobs and Kerry Max Cook, both entered no contest and Alford plea to Murder 2 to get out of prison.

I note CNN is highlighting another killer, Robert Blake, tomorrow. Who speaks for these little boys? What have the WM3 done to uncover “the real killers?”

Joshua Marquis
District Attorney
Co-chair. media Committee, National DA’s Association
Vice-Chair, American Bar Association, Criminal Justice Section


The other one is from a reader named Nina…

Hi Mr. Reynolds,

After watching a nauseating interview on CNN last night by Piers Morgan, interviewing 2 of the 3 murderers of those 3 eight year old boys,I felt such an overwhelming need to hear someone say they felt these guys were guilty. It took a while, but finally and gratefully so,I came upon your article stating that you believed they were guilty, and WHY you believed it.

Your piece on this should be passed out around the globe and given to all the bleeding hearts, who had nothing better to do than to fight the cause of these 3 lying, murdering, monsters. Once circulated, it should land on the forehead of Piers Morgan, who sat across from Damien Echols and said he couldn’t understand how such a smart, good, person could be convicted of such a crime. (Something to that effect.)

It was disgusting! They are con artists and have played the public, and they are free. The only thing we all can hope for, is that they violate their probation and wind up back in prison for the rest of their lives.

I couldn’t end this letter to you without the mention of the pathetic woman who decided to make Echols time easier by writing to him, moving near him, and marrying him. She is a desperate insecure woman who did this just so she can know where “Her Man” is all the time. HA!..and I can hardly wait for him to cheat on her, at the very least.


And before you even start with the accusations at the letter writers neither of them are from the south.

As I’ve said before while the group-think on the internet may be that the WM3 are innocent if the internet was the real world weed would be legal, Ron Paul would be President and Firefly would still be on the air.

When you remove the emotion and propaganda logic dictates that Echols and his lackeys are guilty.

6 thoughts on “A year since justice was denied”

  1. I didn’t realize they took Alford (I’m guilty but you can’t prove it, really) pleas. In a documentary I saw, one of the boy’s step-fathers was implicated as the real killer. Was there anything to that?


  2. As I’ve said before while the group-think on the internet may be that the WM3 are innocent if the internet was the real world weed would be legal, Ron Paul would be President and Firefly would still be on the air.

    aaaaaahahha I love your style there Trench, LOL


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