Echols and Baldwin no longer BFFs over WM3 movie

Damien Echols (Who needs friends when you have celebrity sycophants.)
Damien Echols (Who needs friends when you have celebrity sycophants.)

Why Damien Echols & Jason Baldwin Are No Longer Friends:

So this is what has become of ‘reporting’ on the convicted child killers known as the West Memphis 3. Mindless Hollywood gossip,

It seems that Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin are no longer friends because of a movie that Baldwin has signed on for. Baldwin has lent his name to a movie based on the book The Devil’s Knot. Echols is supposedly unhappy with some of the ways he’s portrayed in the movie so it’s driven a wedge between the two lifelong friends and co-defendants. Doesn’t it just bring a tear to your eye? Oh wait, that’s not a tear. It’s a drop of I don’t give a fuck. (Yes I realize the irony of me posting about this so save it.)

I’ll tell you what’s really going on here. Echols has his own movie coming out with Peter Jackson called West of Memphis. I’m sure the master manipulator tried to get Baldwin to put the kibosh on the competing film.

Two things I noticed about the article I linked to. No mention of any ‘real killers’. Who has time for that when there are movies to be made? Also no mention of Misskelley at all. No movies for Jessie The Penitent I guess.

5 thoughts on “Echols and Baldwin no longer BFFs over WM3 movie”

  1. Ummm, that book is why I KNOW that those kids were railroaded. And Yes it did show Damien in a bad light but it also showed why they were the only suspects (Even when the drifter covered in blood went cleaned up in a gas stations bathroom, and they called the police but they didn’t show up until a week later.) The people were scared of them.

    But I guess you would agree with what my son confessed to AT SCHOOL. He confessed to stealing a wallet and spending the money on at GameStop. Not only did he NOT steal the wallet (he wasn’t even in school on the day that wallet was stolen), but I was told that I don’t know what the fuck my son does. I was off on the day he supposedly took the money and bought a game at Gamestop. I was told that you can’t know everything he does. Even though he was NOT at school the day of the theft, (they told him that they had proof and that he would be suspended until he told them the truth), and had NOT been to GameStop in over a month (I was told he must have gone when I wasn’t watching.)

    But hearing you, I guess my son not only stole a wallet, but also sneaked out on me. Because after a being told constantly when he said I didn’t do it, he was told “YES, YOU DID! WE DON’T WANT TO INVOLVE THE POLICE !”


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