Canton area Craigslist Creeper only gets probation

Frederick Older
Frederick Older

Man gets probation for seeking sex from teen on Craigslist:

Fuckstick up there is 33-year-old Frederick E. Older of West Salem, Ohio. He was recently sentenced for soliciting sex from a 15-year-old Lake Township, Ohio girl through craigslist. More on the sentencing in a little bit.

The girl placed an ad on craigslist looking for a job as a babysitter or tutor or other odd jobs. Not the smartest idea in the world but it is what it is. She gets a response from a guy named Fred who says that he’ll pay her $20-$30 to be his personal assistant as long as she’s ‘open-minded’. ‘Open-minded’ is one of those buzzwords that creepers and pedos use that translates into ‘letting me rape you’. He also said that she couldn’t tell anyone else about his offer. When the girl pressed for details Older said that “open-mindedness” would mean they would be ‘intimate’ at times. Thankfully this girl wasn’t buying what he was selling.

“im 15. thats not OK….and its creepy as (expletive),” the girl texted back. “i wouldnt be your assistant…id be your personal prostitute. so absolutely not. sorry.”

Older continued to press, texting that he was sorry she felt that way and that his offer could have been “fun and very profitable for you.”

It was against the law, “and im not about to sell my body,” the girl texted back.

“Can we get to a point where you would be comfortable with this?” he asked.

The answer was no.

The girl told her family who told police who arrested said fuckstick.

You would think that being such an obvious and persistent predator that he would get at least a few years in prison. Nope. He doesn’t even get to sniff a cell.

Stark County Common Pleas Judge Taryn L. Heath placed Frederick E. Older, 33, of West Salem, on probation for five years, including up to six months of electronically monitored house arrest, no access to the Internet and no contact with minors other than his own children.

Older, who pleaded guilty in July to importuning, faces up to a year in prison if he violates probation and must register as a sex offender for 15 years.

I would bet that this wasn’t his first time creeping only the first time that he’s been caught. Probation and an ankle monitor is a bullshit sentence. I smell small-town politics here. I bet somebody in the chain of command owes Older a favor.

This sick fucking creep should be thrown in an industrial meat grinder but instead, he gets to spend six months at home. What happens when those six months are up? I’ll tell you what, he’ll be up to his old tricks again just looking for a way to get around the terms of his probation, or maybe he’ll escalate to violence in order to stay out of jail.

Just put them away and be done with them. Let the prison population sort them out.

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