Backpage rapists busted in Florida

Manuel and Johnson
Manuel and Johnson

Police: Men held prostitutes at gunpoint, refused to pay them:

The headline more than betrays the actual crime in my opinion.

In Altamonte Springs, Florida police arrested Corey Manuel, 21, and Branden Johnson, 20, for allegedly using the Village Voice Media-owned to find prostitutes, holding them at gunpoint, forcing them to have sex with them, then as the article puts it, refusing to pay them. The last time I checked forcing someone, anyone, to have sex at gunpoint is known as rape regardless if they’re prostitutes or not.

Again I have to ask when did rape become such a dirty word to use to describe the crime?

So not only is Backpage facilitating in the trafficking of women in children, but they’re also facilitating rapes. Tell me again how Backpage is part of the solution.

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