Johnny Depp receives the mark of Damien Echols

Damien Echols and Johnny Depp. Who's copying who?
Damien Echols and Johnny Depp. Who’s copying who?

Johnny Depp adds tattoos with Damien Echols after helping secure his prison release:

It seems that convicted child killer turned pseudo-celebrity Damien Echols has branded another Hollywood type with his mark. I guess it wasn’t enough for Echols to get matching tattoos with movie director Peter Jackson now he has a matching tattoo with overactor Johnny Depp. Not only do they match, but they were designed by Echols himself…

“This one Damien designed. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and it means quite a lot to me,” Depp told The Associated Press

Echols said whenever he and Depp get together, they often end up in a tattoo parlor. Depp said it’s about “celebrating the moment.”

Would that moment be the moment that Echols decided to brutally murder three kids?

Anyway like I’ve said before this story was never about the occult but about a cult, the cult of Damien Echols. Echols has surpassed former cult leaders like David Koresh and Jim Jones by ‘legitimizing’ himself with Hollywood sycophants. How long will it be before Eddie Vedder has an Echols tattoo? Will Natalie Maines have Echols’ face tattooed on her ass? I would lay odds that these tattoos will be copied by other Echols cultists who aren’t celebrities.

And also again this is what reporting on the West Memphis 3 has become, nothing more than Hollywood trash gossip. No one is asking the real questions to Echols about his violent and psychotic past. No one is investigating the ‘real killers’. Since Hollywood has said he’s innocent the mainstream press accept it as gospel. The gospel of a multiple child murderer.

12 thoughts on “Johnny Depp receives the mark of Damien Echols”

      1. Not much different from those obsessed with Echols as a person AND on a mission to convince everyone the evidence proves his innocence.

        Fact is the trials were egregiously flawed and current evidence is inconclusive EITHER way. Thus the recent outcome.

        Reasonable people move on but try to ensure a similar mistake does not occur again in the future, that is if they have some say.

        And blaming Hollywood is childish.


        1. It’s funny that you use the word fact because the last time I checked the facts are that Echols and crew were convicted of their crimes and the convictions were upheld multiple times by the Arkansas Supreme Court. So the facts are that a convicted multiple child killer is walking free and being a celebrity to celebrities. I can’t see why anyone would have a problem with that.


          1. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why shouldn’t echols enjoy his life. He lost 18 yrs to a wrongful conviction. All of the people in West Memphis that were involved in the this miscarriage of justice should be ashamed of theirselves. There were 6 victims when those little boys were killed. 6 VICTIMS not 3.


    1. obsession? that’s a laugh – I think the real obsession is people like wife lorri and all those who stuck around for 18 years making movies, getting funds etc to release this dude and all the groupies who clamor around him now, either because of his goth narcissistic personality or his pseudo celebrity status, either way he kind of creeps me out


  1. Mr. Reynold,you make money by creating controversy, that’s what you do.
    Ok, suppose that what you say is right in your mind or the people that have the same logic as you.
    Then something comes up to prove otherwise. Just imagine that somehow a new evidence comes up, or a real killer confesses.
    Then you must start from scratch, about Damien Echols, that you are so obsessed about, and shift it to other things.
    sometimes it’s good to be patient, and quiet. If you don’t know a person personally you can not judge them from what you hear about them, or what the media is feeding you. Sometimes it’s good to just stay quiet. Nothing can stay hidden till the end of the universe. Sometimes time will solve, maybe not your time to see this, maybe your children will see it, or your grandchildren.Non of us have a PHD in psycology, or are master to read minds.
    But,yes…..Yet again, you must stir the boiling pot, to feed your family.Writing blogs is this new century’s descent job!


    1. Wow, you couldn’t be any more wrong if you tried. Well maybe if you tried. If I’m making money on this blog could you please tell me how I’m doing it? There’s not a single ad on this site and if there was it wouldn’t be enough to feed a chicken. I actually work for a living Sunshine.

      Go back to the WM3 message boards where you psycho-babble is more welcome.


  2. Gosh they look like a couple of bikers, LOL. Matching tattoos. What do you think they talk about? Does Echols give Depp some acting tips, did he tell him he always wanted to be famous? Did he let him know he likes being the West Memphis boogie man. Sickening. I’d never watch a Johnnie Depp movie. Well I’ve never watched one so I won’t start. Pigs.


    1. Johnny Depp is an overactor whose fans are in my opinion a sort of cult following that like his weirdness, and he’s actually boring (in my opinion)


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