Da M.O.B. charged with trafficking teens on da Backpage


Men charged with pimping teens in Atlanta area:

Alleged gang members plead not guilty to sex trafficking:

Alleged members of Atlanta-based gang Da M.O.B. are accused of raping and prostituting girls as young as 14. They allegedly used the Village Voice Media-owned Backpage.com to turn out the girls.

Those charged are Fabian Terran Murray, Joshua Thomas Hill, Richard Douglas King, Clinton Saintvil, and Jonathan Christopher Branch. All five have been federally indicted and all five have pleaded not guilty.

Authorities allege that they met two 14-year-old girls and took them to a hotel room where they were raped before turning them out on Backpage to be raped by other men for money. It’s also alleged that one of them beat and choked another 14-year-old who refused to work for them. A 16-year-old victim claims that she was beaten daily and held against her will, She also claims that she was shot at when she tried to escape. She says that she was raped as well.

What’s not being talked about in this story is Backpage itself. They claim they have all these safeguards in effect and that all ads are reviewed for illegalities yet somehow women and children are still being trafficked. Not only trafficked but held against their will, raped and shot at. Yet Backpage still refuses to shut down the adult section and claims that they’re helping stop sex trafficking. They could stop a lot more by shutting down the adult section but then their precious outdated print media business would be in danger of going bankrupt.

2 thoughts on “Da M.O.B. charged with trafficking teens on da Backpage”

  1. (Link to Backpage ad removed)

    This girl has no underwear on.. bull shit they aren’t selling sex! I reported the ad as inappropriate and they still haven’t taken it down. If you aren’t allowing sex to be sold on your site then why are the women grabbing bear tits and showing a bare crotch? If you allow this then you are PANDERING. That means you are introducing men and women who want to pay for and sell sex. You may be the media but you are pandering through it and you know that you are, no you say? Take a look at Germany, those are naked girls offering sex on the same web site as the one in the US. You do know your site sells sex, that part is clear. So if you know your customers are selling sex then you are pandering.


    1. I appreciate your sentiment Chris and I 100% agree with you however I removed the link from your comment.

      I don’t want to give Backpage any traffic or have someone trafficked because of a link on my site. I hope you understand.


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