More details revealed in Ohio craigslist killings

Brogan Rafferty
Brogan Rafferty

Details of ‘Craigslist Killings’ Revealed:

This past week in court the recorded statements of Brogan Rafferty were played. Rafferty is a suspect in the Ohio killings of three men who were lured there by fake craigslist ads promising long-term employment. The ads were allegedly placed by 52-year-old Richard Beasley who is also believed to be the actual killer. The then 16-year-old Rafferty has been charged as an adult.

Rafferty’s lawyers are trying to get the statements thrown out claiming that the police coerced Rafferty, but that’s neither here nor there right now.

In the taped statements Rafferty did not admit to killing any of the victims but admitted to helping Beasley dispose of the bodies and splitting the stolen items. Rafferty said that he knew what he was doing would help Beasley run from the law. Beasley was a friend of Rafferty’s family for 20 years.

Beasley supposedly was trying to steal the identities of his victims so he could escape prosecution for drug and prostitution charges. Beasley allegedly prostituted over a dozen women and a girl as young as 17.

Rafferty is looking at life for his role in the murders however I don’t see him getting a life sentence, and I’m not sure if he deserves one. Considering how twisted Beasley seems to be I wouldn’t be surprised if Rafferty was being threatened by Beasley into helping him with his dirty work.

Beasley is looking at the death sentence if convicted. That death sentence should be Beasley being tracked down in the woods and being hunted like his victims.

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