Perry Hall High shooter ‘remorseful’, on suicide watch

 Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.
Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.

Attorney: Teen in Md. school shooting remorseful:

The attorney for accused Perry Hall High School gunman Robert Wayne Gladden Jr. is saying that his client is remorseful for shooting 17-year-old Daniel Borowy. The attorney also states that his client is on suicide watch. Gladden’s attorney also states that his client not only wants to meet with his victim but was trying to commit suicide by cop at the time of the shooting. Also…

When asked if the shooting was an accident, Ahlers said Gladden was “in a state of extreme anxiety and his recall is far from perfect.”

Please allow me to translate from mutant to English for you.

He’s remorseful that he got caught. He’s on suicide watch because he’s crapping his pants that he was not only charged as an adult, but he’s also being held responsible for his actions. He probably wants to meet his victim so he can finish the job he started. Suicide by cop is the lamest bullcrap excuse I could come up with. And lastly, his recall is far from perfect because he’s not going to come right out and confess. That would be the responsible thing to do.

Luckily his victim, Daniel Borowy, is recovering and has been released from the hospital. His father says that it’s highly unlikely that he would allow Gladden to meet with his son. I bet he’d like to meet Gladden alone for 5 minutes though.

Remember kids if you go to school with a gun because everyone thinks you’re a loser you’re just proving their point.

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