Village Voice Media to spin off Backpage


Village Voice newspaper chain to split from controversial ad site:

In a surprising move, surprising to me anyway, Village Voice Media has decided to split Backpage off into its own company. This will result in a new company called Voice Media Group to handle the newspapers while Backpage continues to make money off of the women and children being trafficked in this country as sex slaves.

Supposedly this was done because advertisers in VVM newspapers had pulled their money out of those publications due to their affiliation with Backpage. Backpage was called a distraction by one of VVM’s CEOs.

Now while the newspapers and Backpage will have completely separate ownership I find it very had to believe that the relationship will be completely severed. VMG says that funding has been raised through investors, but how long will that keep their dying industry afloat?

Considering how shady VVM and Backpage have been in the past I wouldn’t put it past them to have some kind of equally shady financial deal in place.

This is a good sign though. It shows that they’re starting to crack under the pressure. However, we can’t consider this a victory. It will only be a victory when they shut down the adult section.

2 thoughts on “Village Voice Media to spin off Backpage”

  1. hey people, Reynold lies about his portfolio&lt he has ever worked for or wrote for those newspapers such as NewYork Times&lt and Glob and Mail. SHAME ON YOU!!!! wannabe
    wannabe journalist


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