Pa. predator solicited girl on MeetMe because he was ‘bored’.

Frank Bianco
Frank Bianco

Monroe County man nabbed in online sex sting:

Police: Man says he was ‘bored,’ so he propositioned girl for sex:

No. Wait. I spoke too soon. I take it back. Wonders have ceased. Pennsylvania has produced another MeetMe scumbag. I guess they couldn’t take Georgia stealing their swag.

Anyway, Vin Diesel’s special cousin there is 37-year-old Frank Bianco of Jackson Township, Pennsylvania. He’s been charged with allegedly soliciting sex from a 15-year-old girl over MeetMe.

According to police Bianco posed as an 18-year-old girl and asked a 15-year-old if she would have money for sex. Then Bianco’s alter ego said that if the girl was interested there’s a 26-year-old man who would be interested. The girl then received the number to Bianco’s cell phone.

Except that the girl was a Monroe County detective. When Bianco showed up for the meet in Stroud Township he was arrested. Bianco’s excuse was that he was bored and wanted to see what happened if he solicited an underage girl. That may be worse than any excuse that I ever heard on To Catch A Predator. This wasn’t boredom, this was calculated. He’s not the first scumbag to think of this trick which makes me wonder if he’s done this before and this was just the first time he was caught.

Remember parents, if you allow your kids on the internet unfettered they may not be a predator’s first victim, but they can definitely be the next one.

3 thoughts on “Pa. predator solicited girl on MeetMe because he was ‘bored’.”

  1. I worked with this guy it doesnt surprise me at all. He was always bragging about dating younger girls but no one ever guessed they were underage we all figured it was his over inflated ego. Im glad to see him arrested he always talked like he was better then everyone he just became a medic and all the time working and studying is now gone. Hopefully now he will become the prostitute of some big man in…


  2. I was dating a girl that use to date him and she would say how he calls her old and she was only 19 at time hes just a fucking sick perv and funny thing is the girl is standing by him thru this smh


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