Freedom High plotter pleads no contest

Jared Cano
Jared Cano

Teen charged in plot to blow up school pleads no contest:

Future career criminal Jared Cano, 18, has pleaded no contest to plotting to blow up Freedom High School in Tampa, Florida. A then 17-year-old Cano was arrested in August 2011 when police were tipped off by another kid. Cano was found to be in possession of bomb-making materials. Police were already aware of Cano since he had previous run-ins with the law for such things as possession of a firearm, drug possession, burglary, and altering the serial numbers of a firearm. So this is no wayward teen we’re talking about.

A no-contest plea means that he doesn’t plead guilty but believes that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict him. Cano was charged as an adult and faces sentencing in December.

Cano is only looking at a year according to his defense attorney and since he’s already spent more than a year in jail he’ll probably get time served.

He’ll be back. The only question is when and how many victims will he have.

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