2 years later and Socastee shooter’s parents still blame bullying

Christian Helms
Christian Helms

Parents say bullying pushed Christian Helms to the edge:

Two years ago a then 14-year-old Christian Helms walked into Socastee High School in South Carolina with a gun and some pipe bombs. A shot was fired in an ensuing scuffle with the school’s resource officer Erik Karney. Luckily neither Karney nor anyone else was struck by the bullet before Helms was subdued. Helms was tried as an adult and was sentenced to six years after entering an Alford plea.

Now, this article comes out in the local media where some reporter once again tries to shove the bullying myth down our throat. As an aside when I say bullying myth I don’t mean that bullying is a myth. No one knows its reality better than me. I suffered concussions, a separated shoulder, and broken bones in my youth due to bullying. What I mean by the bullying myth is that Helms and other shooters were driven to their crime by bullying.

Back to the matter at hand. In this article Helms parents squarely place the blame on bullying for Helms’ actions, and again I have to ask oh really? So it had nothing to do with his obsession with guns and bombs? Or nothing to do with his Columbine obsession? Let’s also not forget that while in juvie lock up Helms was trying to collect press clippings about himself. Other reports also state that Helms had lots of friends and was well liked. And what about the fact that one of the kids on Helms’ hit list had a cleft palate and was probably more bullied in one day than Helms was his whole life.

This had nothing to do with bullying. This is a media-inspired lie that Helms parents are telling themselves so they don’t feel responsible.

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