3 California people killed in latest craigslist killing

Jade Douglas Harris

Ex-convict charged with capital murder in Downey slayings:

Police in Downey, California say that 30-year-old ex-con Jade Douglas Harris shot and killed 3 people last Wednesday after responding to a craigslist ad for a used Camaro. The ad led Harris to a business where he allegedly shot and killed Josimar Rojas, 26 and Irene Cardenas Reyes, 35. He then took Susana Perez Ruelas, 34, and her 13-year-old son hostage and forced them to take him to the Camaro. Once there he shot the both of them killing Ruelas and wounding her son.

Harris was previously jailed on charges of robbery, attempted robbery and carrying a concealed weapon and is said to be a known member of the Crips. He is currently being held without bail and could be facing the death penalty.

It doesn’t matter which side of the craigslist ad you may be on. Ultimately Harris is responsible for this horrific tragedy but more and more it seems by using craigslist you are taking your life into your hands no matter how innocuous the item for sale is.

UPDATE 12/10/2012: Harris has pleaded not guilty.

UPDATE 2/19/2020: Harris was convicted of three counts of murder and several other charges including attempted murder and kidnapping. He could be facing the death penalty and scheduled to be sentenced this week.

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