Man rapes woman he met on craigslist who was only looking for a friend

Steven D. Kolinski
Steven D. Kolinski

Man Accused of Raping Woman He Met on Craigslist:

47-year-old Steven D. Kolinski of Waukesha, Wisconsin was arrested for allegedly raping a woman that he met on craigslist. The woman had placed an ad stating that she was looking for a male platonic friend. Back in September, she went to Kolinski’s place to watch a baseball game when he allegedly raped her.

Not to blame the victim here because Kolinski is obviously predatory scum if the charges are true but let me let the ladies in on a few, not so secrets. The first unless the man is gay single guys can very rarely be ‘just friends’ with a woman. No man willingly walks into the friend zone. The second and most obvious is craigslist is a breeding ground for rapists looking to prey upon any woman who would show them the slightest bit of kindness. It’s not just the personals either. It can literally be from any ad that appears on craigslist.

And yet people still think that craigslist is this friendly hippy commune where nothing would happen to them when in reality it’s an unmonitored wasteland of predators.

7 thoughts on “Man rapes woman he met on craigslist who was only looking for a friend”

  1. stop blaming Craigslist. Predators find victims everywhere – including the supermarket. I know that great guys are also found on Craigslist. You have to get information on them and google their name, etc. Check them out beforehand. Find out where they work, live, etc.


  2. i agree. sometimes i feel like you blame the social sites and would ban them if you could. Rapists will use whatever tools are put in front of them.

    And don’t take this account name seriously. I’m making fun of a grown dude who likes iCarly, is a racist, extreme right winger, and made my life a living hell.


    Not an iCarly fan or rapist.

    PS: Girls, at least meet the guy at a public place. come on!


    1. I’ve never called for any site that I’ve written about to be shut down. I understand that they have a right to maintain their websites.

      However with craigslist they have a userbase that continues to be killed, raped, robbed and assaulted. You would think that they would have an ethical responsibility to their customers to make the site safer yet they don’t. All it would take would be a little moderation.


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