Ronald Leistiko’s convictions all upheld except for craigslist rape convictions

Ronald Leistiko
Ronald Leistiko

Oregon Supreme Court says convictions, except rape, still stand in Tigard Craigslist case:

Ronald Leistiko of Tigard, Oregon was the first alleged craigslist rapist that I remember posting about. I now have to say alleged because his rape convictions were overturned back in July. Originally, Leistiko was convicted of raping two women he met on craigslist and acquitted of a third. The convictions were overturned because of the victims who testified never brought charges against him.

Now the Oregon State Supreme Court has upheld all his other convictions except for the rape convictions. That means that Leistiko is still guilty of sex abuse, strangulation, kidnap, assault, delivery of cocaine, furnishing liquor to a minor, and prostitution.

Leistiko is not out of the woods yet. He could be retried for the rapes or prosecutors could try to get him to plea out. Personally, I hope they go back to trial. Everything I’ve read about Leistiko just screams scumbag and I think they could easily score another conviction. If they offer a plea deal I’m sure it will be for less than the pitiful 25 years he got originally.

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