Alleged Backpage rapist arrested again

Michael Chess

Man out on bail for allegedly raping 3 women arrested again:

In Rochester, New York police have arrested 25-year-old Michael Chess for allegedly robbing women that he met through Backpage. It seems that Chess has stepped down to armed robbery from rape.

Chess was originally arrested back in October 2011 when he was charged for allegedly raping three women that he met through Backpage. The article implies that they were prostitutes. The trial for these charges ended in a mistrial and a new trial was scheduled for January 2013.

So while he was out on bail awaiting trial police say that instead of raping women from Backpage he just merely robbed them, at gunpoint, allegedly. In one instance the victim fought back and Chess pushed her away while in the other instance Chess received a face full of pepper spray from the victim. While these crimes may have ended at attempted robbery if the victims had not retaliated we’d probably be looking at two more rape victims.

So not only is Backpage facilitating in these women being trafficked as sex slaves they also have a hand in them becoming victims of rape and robbery. But hey, it’s free speech for Backpage, so it’s ok right?

UPDATE 10/27/2013: Chess is no longer an alleged rapist. He’s been convicted and is looking at a 50-year sentence which is set for late November.

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