We get letters: Be respectful to mass murderers

Sue Klebold (We should be nice to her mass-murdering fuckwit of a son.)

It’s been a while since I got some mutant mail. Back in the day, I used to get hate mail from the Columbine mutants on an almost weekly basis. As the years have gone by the number of e-mails I’ve gotten from them have dwindled. I like to think that it’s because they’ve either grown up, ended up in prison, or got the psychiatric help they so desperately needed.

It seems that there is at least a small cadre of mutants still out there as I received the following e-mail from my most recent post on Sue Klebold

I cannot believe that you would call Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold ‘demon spawn’, ‘coward of a son’, ‘scumbag’ and stating that these two teenagers are simply just ‘Two cowardly scumbags killed 13 people because they were egotistical selfish spoiled punks.’

That is where you are wrong, sir.
These two teenagers were bullied since they started school! The only people they killed were complete ‘scumbags’ to the both of them. Yet, you are being a bully, insulting two dead kids, being utterly rude and disrespectful not only to the dead but, to their family!

The only people that were killed were the people who bullied them senseless, even when they were nice or silent. Now, you tell me, if you were bullied since you could remember, wouldn’t you want revenge? Not only would you be vengeful, but you would also make fun of them on your blog!
It’s also pretty bad karma to make fun of the dead and be a complete douche to them and their family.

So, please, the next time you write one of your pitiful posts, think twice and be respectful.

~ Cara the Columbiner

This e-mail would be hysterical if it wasn’t so pathetic. The fact that I’m being accused of being wrong in an e-mail so full of false assumptions and myths is comical, to say the least.

First off, they are demon spawn, cowards, and egotistical selfish spoiled punks. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have committed mass murder for the oh so egregious crime of being ‘excluded’.

Secondly, the people they killed were not their so-called bullies. I don’t know where you got that idea but the majority if not all of their victims had no actual connection to either of the cowardly scumbags Harris and Klebold. Not to mention there is no concrete evidence that they were bullied but were the bullies themselves.

Actually, I was bullied from the time I entered school until the time I graduated from high school, but I got over it. Anybody who harbors on the bullying they received in school once they get out is weak and have let the bullies win. But again Harris and Klebold weren’t bullied.

Lastly, you say it’s bad karma to make fun of the dead. That’s the most comical thing of all from your e-mail. I think the karma scales weigh heavily more in my favor since it’s even worse karma to kill 13 people over nothing. That’s why your heroes keep the flames of hell burning yellow with their cowardice.

Get help.

37 thoughts on “We get letters: Be respectful to mass murderers”

  1. “The only people they killed were the people bullying them senseless.” I’m not sure, but this may be the most untrue statement about Columbine ever.


    1. Yeah, really…apparently this mutant groupie forgot about Cassie Bernall and Rachel Scott, neither of whom ever bullied Harris or Klebold. In fact, Scott was concerned about their obsession w/violence, and attempted to reach out to them, not that it did much good…one video the killers made shows them mocking her Christian faith.


  2. Funny. Even Nightwish’s song about this event, ‘The Kinslayer’ points this out:

    “Drunk with the blood of your victims
    I do feel your pity-wanting pain,
    Lust for fame, a deadly game…

    …Cursing, God, why?
    Falling for every lie…”

    Only difference is we’re not falling for the lies.


    1. Oh god yes Nightwish! 😀 But yeah, I think the reaction to Columbine was EXACTLY what Harris and Klebold would have wanted. And they would have loved this letter that was sent it. Stupid mutants.


      1. Talking down to people with warning signs is such a great idea and they’re scum who have it coming…. until it turns out that that one of was Kimveer Gill who was planning a school shooting and all you failed to accomplish was to alienate/enrage him even more by publicly humiliating.

        Hey Trenchy! Still think you actually prevent anything besides being a complete jerk and a dumbass?


        1. Sooo… he’s supposed to know that some random dude online, that he’s never seen face-to-face, is a potential mass murderer?

          By that logic, should he then report you to LE? Because, I’ve never seen you before, but I think that you could easily be a potential mass murderer.


          1. His reverence of Eric and Dylan was a strong hint but, rather than trying to talk to him as human being Trench simply banned him then publicly insulted/humiliated him on his front page.

            I don’t see why you guys are so quick to treat Dylan’s mom as Satan Incarnate who knew exactly what he was going to do, and see Trench as having no idea. He studies school shootings and “mutants” and probably has a better idea about them then Dylan’s mom ever had until he died.

            If he’s going to lay so much blame and hatred at her doorstep then he needs to accept that he fucked up with Kimveer himself but him and his band of anti-mutants just can’t admit that Fearless Leaders fucks up.


          2. Uhm… maybe because Dylan’s mom *lived* with him, and Trench has never met the other dude face-to-face? How is that not common sense?

            Mrs. Klebold’s feeling that she bears no responsibility in what happened is typical of parents who are totally un-involved in their children’s lives. So, yes, she does bear some of that responsibility. Just as I would bear some of the responsibility if my child ever decided to go out and blow away random people because some assholes were bullying him. But the, I intend to be involved in my children’s lives, to be extremely nosy about what they’re doing online, know their friends, pay attention to what they’re spending their money on, etc. I will know these things, because I’m aware of the trouble that children can get involved in, and I’m more the preventative type. Because that’s what responsible parents do.

            Did I hate it when my father was strict, when he made sure I wasn’t hiding a joint in my purse, when he requested and ID from my boyfriend, and read my journal? Hell fuckin’ yeah. But would he have known in advance if I were planning to bring a gun to school and shoot someone? Hell fuckin’ yeah.


          3. Eric and Dylan hid a lot from their parents…. they were more clever then a lot of teens their age. Yeah, they got in trouble with the law and liked guns. How many millions of kids do either of those apply to in the south?

            The point is it’s ridiculous for Trench and his anti-“mutey” mob to be attacking this poor woman for what her son did. There’s more just cause to attack Trench for his behavior to Kimveer. Dylan was bullied horribly in life by those around her- perhaps she probably doesn’t feel so guilty because she knows what really drove Dylan over the edge.


          4. They’re not attacking her for what her son did. The issue is that any decent parent would feel guilt over the fact that their child murdered 13 innocent people. She does not. She feels no responsibility for the fact that this person, who she brought into and unleashed upon the world, and who she apparently didn’t have as close a relationship with as a mother should have with her child, went out and murdered 13 innocent people.


          5. And that’s where you’re an ignorant moron. Frank DeAngelis and Rocky Hoffschneider bear a HELL of a lot more responsibility for what happened that day. I don’t blame Dylan’s mom at all. It’s easy to assault her and brag about your brilliant plans to keep track of your children like you were the CIA, in hindsight of what happened.

            But whatever. You guys are convinced E/D were never bullied and what they did was because of a bunch of lousy parents, nothing more.


          6. I never said I didn’t believe they were bullied. I don’t even think Trench said that. I will say, however, that it’s no excuse for what they did. No matter how badly they were bullied. They shot and killed 13 innocent people. It’s incredibly sad and tragic when a child attempts, or commits, suicide due to bullying. The actions of those kids was evil.


          7. Actually I have said that, repeatedly. I don’t believe they were bullied. Theres no evidence to support it. In this day of instant information how come no one can give me a name of their supposed bullies?


          8. My bad… I must’ve missed it (or had read it a while ago and forgot). I was wondering the same thing, actually… who is it that was bullying them? I’m sure that some of their other friends would have known? Friends of the bullies? Surely someone must have come forward…


          9. Jason B already came forward and admitted that he had bullied them. He was a popular Columbine athlete. He even says his guilt about the massacre drove him to drugs.

            I wonder, does Trench disagree with Jason?


          10. Jason B, heroin addict from “Intervention”. If you watch the episode Jason, a tall, beefy jock, talks about how he bullied Eric and Dylan and was on one of their hit lists. Guilt from that later contributed to his addiction.


            Trench, I would love to see your reaction to this episode, I encourage you to watch it fully yourself instead of just listening to my synopsis.


          11. Seriously? This is your ‘evidence’? A drug addict on a ‘reality’ show? Now I know what you’re saying. Why would a drug addict or an attention whore on a reality show actually lie? I’m sure his word is beyond reproach.

            Get back to me kid when you have some real proof.


          12. Wow Trench, you are fanatical about never being proven wrong! So much so that you’ll reject any evidence that you’re wrong and construct new realities to conform to your beliefs rather than changing them. You did the same thing when Evan Todd boasted about bullying them saying he only “teased” them.”

            Well, Jason was on the hit list by one of those 2. Let’s assume he’s lying. WHY is he lying, Trench? What is his grand goal and telling people he bullied Eric and Dylan? If he wanted sympathy, wouldn’t it make more sense for him not to mention that? How on earth does saying, “I feel guilty for causing Columbine because I bullied those two” profit him?

            So if one jock brags about him and his buddies wanting to drive them out of the school and calling them faggots, he’s just “teasing them.” And if another one says he feels guilt about bullying them and that it led to his being a drug-addict, he’s lying for some inconceivable purpose.

            What do you need? For Rocky Hoffschneider to take a lie-detector test in front of your lawyers, videotape it and fax the results to you? A deathbed confession from Frank DeAngelis?

            No, you get out of here Trench. I’m not the usual pushover or lackey who’ll just swallow all your bullshit. You’re wrong and you simply can’t admit it because you’re an egomaniac. Eric and Dylan were bullied. Admitting that doesn’t make somebody into the anti-Christ or a “mutey”. The world won’t end if you admit that you’re fallible. However, your endless ego might. Get over it.


          13. Again, “Cult of the Athlete.” Jason B admits to “injecting drugs” during his tenure as a popular 98 athlete, which would seem to place him squarely in the “Steroid Poster Boys” clique that rampaged through Columbine long before E/D followed in their footsteps.


          14. Talk about ironic. You’re just as guilty as what you accuse me of considering you’ll believe just about anything that goes toward even remotely trying to prove your point.


        2. Are you reaching out to anyone with ‘warning signs’? What are these warning signs exactly? Is being an annoying troll a warning sign? Is having a crush on mass murderers a warning sign. If so how come youre not reaching out to the troglodytes that inhabit the Columbine threads on Tumblr?


  3. Oh so that’s why they slaughtered 13 innocent people? What about the teacher they killed? Did he bully them. Get help Mrs. Bullying is no excuse for your murdering son and his friend to end innocent lives. I’ve been bullied and harrassed out of my job due to a disability. I didn’t go in guns blazing and kill all the people who bullied and harrassed me. You’re sick woman.


  4. If Cara the Columbiner is serious in her e-mail, and feels so sympathetic to mass murderers, let’s hope she’s in front of the next gun wielded by an evil lunatic. Maybe her dying moment will be one of clarity when she realizes how incredibly stupid she is.


  5. I was bullied senselessly all throughout middle school and yes, I often felt angry and resentful. However, it never once crossed my mind to take a gun into school and shoot the place up. I knew that the people who bullied me (and all bullies in general) are pathetic individuals not even worth thinking about, let alone the effort of pulling a trigger. Also, shooting anyone, even if they’re a bully, is just messed up and wouldn’t make me any better than them. I hate people who use the excuse “They were bullied!” as justification for these monster’s actions. Just because somebody was bullied, it does not give them the right to take one life, let alone thirteen. These shooters were evil, period. This letter is exactly the sort of response they were hoping to elicit.


    1. Right? Same here, was bullied, never occurred to me to bring a gun to school and start blowing people away, let alone that I could become some sort of twisted martyr for depraved lunatics by doing so.


      1. Same story…was also bullied in middle school, but I never once thought about taking the life of any of my tormentors. Does the phrase “the best revenge is living well” mean nothing to these school shooter apologists?


  6. Sir, have you had a look at tumblr? The “columbiner” freaks are in FULL FORCE on that site.

    There is literally a contingent of douches who worship them there. They all post in the columbine “tag”. Some of them have even gleefully taken screen shots of messages that they send to victims’ family members, harassing them, and then boastfully post them. It is unbelievable. Some dipshit even wrote an article somewhat defending these morons:


    They also write erotic fanfiction about the killers. They all get into a frenzy if you tell them they’re disgusting sleazebags, and some of them even threaten to hack you or stalk you because they’re allowed to use IP trackers on their tumblr blogs.

    I’m sorry, but it is a lot worse now than it was the first few years after the shooting initially occurred. It is not to say the way people behaved back then on the internet with their worship wasn’t deplorable, but really, it is outrageous now.


  7. “We have lost too many students to suicide as a result of the hateful atmospheres that they were forced to endure on a daily basis. We lost them due to circumstances they couldn’t free themselves from circumstances that administrators never seem to think of as harmful. While some students turn their pain inward and choose to end their own lives, some lash out against others–usually those who do them wrong. In Eric and Dylan’s case, their anger festered long enough to develop a step further. They focused their anger on the entire school.

    The old saying, “It takes one to know one” rings true when it comes to the subject of school shootings. While it is possible to know about something by reading books and studying second–hand information, it is not the same as knowing. There are so many students who have either planned a shooting, or have fantasized about shooting up their school (both pre–Columbine and post–Columbine) that the public would be seriously alarmed if they knew just how many students this so–called “phenomena” involves.

    I’ve personally connected with over 40,000 students who identify with Eric and Dylan in some way. (This number is always rising). These are people who understand them through similar experience. They have experienced being at the bottom of the ladder always being the new kid in school having teachers turn a blind eye to in–classroom harassment dodging glass bottles that are thrown at them from passing cars being an individual in an environment which constantly demands self–explanation to everyone they pass in the halls seeing the ignorance and hatred rise in those around them and for some, it involves the experience of becoming that which they hate: bullies.“

    From: http://dylanklebold.com/eric-harris-and-dylan-klebold/why-did-eric-and-dylan-kill-their-classmates/

    A different perspective from someone who understands what it feels like.


    1. While I have no doubt that they were bullied (lots of kids are, in fact), I have to disagree with you and point out that it’s not the slightest bit normal to fantasize about shooting up the school because of it. I was bullied relentlessly in Jr. High, and at one point was tripped down stone steps. I was groped and sexually harassed in other ways. I wanted to be away from the ones harassing and bullying me, and I may have fantasized putting my fist through their faces more than once. But never did it ever occur to me that anyone else should suffer for their fucked up behavior. In fact, there were others that were bullied, as well. I don’t believe any of them ever thought of it, either. Normal people don’t decide to harm innocents for any reason, let alone to get at their tormentors. No amount of anything anyone can say is going to make that any less of a fact.


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