9 arrested when 16-year-old girl sold for sex on Backpage

The siblings Tilden and Davall

9 charged locally in alleged sex trafficking of minor:

Troopers: 16-year-old girl forced to take drugs, have sex:

A few weeks ago in the Utica, New York area 9 people were arrested and charged in connection with a 16-year-old girl being sold for sex on Backpage.

The alleged ringleaders are the brother and sister team of 30-year-old Edward Tilden and 25-year-old Lynnette Tilden along with 23-year-old Alexandria Davall. 35-year-old Jakeem E. Penn Sr. was allegedly the cab driver who introduced the teen to the trio of trafficking. 61-year-old Curtis L. O’Dell was allegedly the driver who took the girl to ‘dates’.

As an aside, that’s another thing I have a problem with. These aren’t dates. A date implies two consenting parties. These are just pre-paid rapes. But I digress.

Also arrested were Michael J. Olsen, David J. Jamrosz, Michael J. Curcio, and Rosheen A. Brooks who were allegedly the johns. The girl was kept hooked on heroin and coke in order to keep working and the drug dealers were paid by being allowed to have sex with the girl. I’m sorry, I meant being allowed to rape the teen.

Still, Backpage makes millions of dollars from the rapes of underage girls yet no one bats an eyelash against these stories. Instead, they say the police should be focusing on ‘more important’ crimes. I’m sure the mother of that 16-year-old girl thought that the crime was plenty important.

Our society is doomed. Hopefully, the Mayans will be right.

UPDATE 7/20/2013: The Tildens and Davall have been re-arrested on federal charges of the sex trafficking of a minor. Another detail that was released was that when the victim tried not working for them, she said she was injected with something that was described as ‘heroin but better’. Again, there are your consenting adults huh?

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