What woman would submit to a craigslist ‘medical exam’?

David E. Anderson
David E. Anderson

Man accused of recruiting women through Craigslist for fake medical exams:

Salisbury man charged with child porn, secretly taping women:

Cops: Wife uncovered med scam:

44-year-old David E. Anderson of both Salisbury, Mass. and Newtown, Conn. was arrested last month for allegedly luring women on craigslist to submit to his medical exams and secretly recording these violations. In case you were wondering Anderson is not a medical professional.

Investigators say that Anderson would post fliers and ads on craigslist promising women $25-$50 if they would allow themselves to be examined by medical students, but first, they would need to undergo a very invasive exam by Anderson. Supposedly Anderson went as far as to purchase legitimate medical equipment to make the ruse seem more authentic. He may have as many as 20 victims for this scam alone spanning several years. This happened in Salisbury, but wait, there’s more.

In Newtown, Anderson was arrested in November for allegedly secretly recording his underage female relatives in various states of undress. It doesn’t get much more creepy than that. Also, let’s throw in that he’s being charged with having additional child porn on his computer.

Does the majority of the country really have the collected mentality of an 8-year-old where they believe everything online is true? I bet they think they’ll really get that free iPad if they click on the flash ad too.

Use your brains people. Craigslist is filled with nothing but scam artists, thieves, and predators. You’d be safer doing business with the mob.

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