Paducah gunman has sanity appeal denied again

Michael Carneal
Michael Carneal

School Shooter Carneal Denied Appeal, Trial:

Michael Carneal was sentenced to life in prison for the 1997 school shooting at Heath High School in Paducah, Kentucky, after pleading guilty. Three people were killed and seven wounded during the shooting. For the past couple of years, Carneal has been trying to get his guilty plea withdrawn by claiming he was mentally ill. This past week, Carneal’s second attempt to get his plea withdrawn has been denied.

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals that Carneal was mentally competent at least beginning in 2004 and could have filed for an appeal at that time, but since then, time has run out for Carneal to successfully file an appeal. Carneal claimed that he heard voices that not only convinced him to commit the shooting, but to plead guilty as well. How convenient. Personally, I think the only thing he suffered from was the age-old malady of fakeritis.

As I’ve said before, Carneal has tried to blame everyone but himself for the shooting. Thanks to the courts, Carneal will continue to be held responsible for his deadly and cowardly actions. At least until he’s up for parole in 10 years.

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