Teenage white supremacist arrested in school bomb plot

Derek Shrout. Did you ever notice that the so-called master race is filled with a lot of idiot rednecks?
Derek Shrout. Did you ever notice that the so-called master race is filled with a lot of idiot rednecks?

Russell County authorities intercept school terror plot:

RCHS student accused of making bombs and terrorist threats:

Police in Russell County, Alabama have arrested 17-year-old Derek Shrout for allegedly planning a bomb attack at Russel County High School. A teacher found his misplaced journal that supposedly contained his plans and contacted police. Shrout said that the journal was a work of fiction but when police searched his house they say they found dozens of chewing tobacco cans with BBs in them for shrapnel and holes drilled in them for fuses. They say the only things that were missing were black powder and fuses. Two things that are not actually hard to obtain, but these bombs couldn’t be any more redneck than if he made Molotov cocktails with Bud bottles.

Before anybody jumps on the bullying bandwagon you can probably put the bandwagon back in the garage. Shrout is an admitted white supremacist. Police say that he was targeting six students and a teacher, although there’s no information on why they were being targeted yet. Investigators also say that they believe Shrout may have been convinced to act after what happened in Newtown, but I’ll reserve my personal judgment on that. If Shrout was bullied he probably deserved it for being a racist douche.

UPDATE 1/7/2013: Six of the seven people on Shrout’s hit list were black and the seventh was perceived as gay. I think we have a motive.

UPDATE 1/8/2013: Shrout has been released on a $75K bond. Sleep well Alabama. Shrout has been ordered to wear an ankle monitor and must be supervised while on the internet. Any bets on if Shrout tries to lose the ankle monitor?

UPDATE 10/19/2013: Shrout’s request to be tried as a youthful offender has been denied. That means the now 18-year-old Shrout will be tried as an adult.

UPDATE 5/5/2014: Shrout has pleaded guilty to attempted assault in the first degree and is asking for probation. If he does get probation I doubt it would be long before he was back in jail.

UPDATE 7/18/2014: Shrout was sentenced to two years probation. At the end of those two years, a judge will determine if Shrout should go to prison for three years.

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