Fake craigslist job ad leads to rape

Timothy Story
Timothy Story

Police: Man Posts Fake Craigslist Job, Rapes Applicant:

This is another story that happened lat last month that I’m catching up on. Just because there’s been an unfortunate amount of school violence lately doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about you craigslist. As long as you continue being the online haven of scum and villainy that you are I will never forget.

In Nashville, Tennessee police arrested 38-year-old Timothy Story for the alleged rape of a woman. Police say that Story placed a false ad for a receptionist position on craigslist and repeatedly raped a woman who responded to the ad during a fake interview.

Here’s the thing. Job ads on craigslist are paid ads if my memory serves me correctly. So for any future would-be rapists out there, this leads a trail right back to you. However, it further proves that no section of craigslist is safe when it comes to violent criminals and sexual predators. You’d probably be safer taking your resume to your local crack house.

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