Taft Union Shooter to be tried as an adult

Bryan Oliver
Bryan Oliver

Bryan Oliver, Taft Union High School shooting suspect, will be charged as an adult:

The headline pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? 16-year-old Bryan Oliver is accused of shooting his classmate Bowe Cleveland in a classroom at Taft Union High School last week. The local D.A. announced today that he will be tried as an adult. The name of Oliver’s second intended victim has also been released and his name is Jacob Nichols. Nichols escaped without grave injury while Cleveland is in a medically induced coma after taking a shotgun blast to the shoulder and chest. Oliver is looking at 25 years to life on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Most reports are saying that Cleveland and Nichols were, in fact, bullying Oliver at some point. I’m not going to comment on this yet until I see the extent of the bullying that allegedly took place. However, no matter how Oliver was supposedly bullied it does not justify trying to blow someone’s guts out with a shotgun. This is definitely not a case of Oliver just trying to scare his alleged tormentors. He planned out his ambush and carried it out with precision and without remorse.

Also, as I’ve asked many times before, has bullying subsided since these school shootings have started taken place? No, it hasn’t. It’s only forced schools to try and identify who the next would be shooter be. Nothing will ever be done about bullying in schools until the schools get the guts to stand up to the parents of bullies regardless of whatever threats they may make.

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