‘Master Ed’ pleads guilty in Lebanon, MO sex slave case

Edward Bagley Sr.
Edward Bagley Sr.

Final Suspect Pleads Guilty in Sex Slave Case; Faces 20 Years:

As alluded to yesterday 45-year-old Edward Bagley Sr. of Lebanon, Missouri has pleaded guilty to federal charges of trafficking, torturing, and raping a woman he kept in his home for several years. Just a slight recap of some of the torture this woman had to endure at the hands of this white trash hillbilly.

The victim was tortured over a six-year period by strangulation, suffocation, breast and vaginal penetration with skewers, and electrical voltage.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can read more about her ordeal in the archives.

While it’s good to see that all involved are being sent to prison Bagley is only facing 20 years thanks to his plea deal. That means he could get less than 20 years. The torture of this woman is almost Dr. Mengele like proportions and all he’ll get at the most is 20 years? This is not justice unless there is some kind of Marquis De Sade room in federal prisons that I’m unaware of.

6 thoughts on “‘Master Ed’ pleads guilty in Lebanon, MO sex slave case”

  1. The relationship between Mr. Bagley and the alleged victim was completely consensual. It was a typical BDSM relationship. The alleged victim had a close female friend and co-worker who lived with Bagleys, while she was living with them. Her co-worker and friend would have testified that the alleged victim was free to come and go as she pleased. She was never held against her will. Mr. Bagley never made any threats against her. Mr. Bagley did everything in his power to make her happy so she would willingly stay with him. She enjoyed his attention, the attention she received from other males. Before she moved in with Mr. Bagley, she had no friends. No one cared about her, not even her own parents who had abandoned her.

    The citizens of city of Lebanon would have testified that the alleged victim willingly lived with the Bagleys. The alleged victim had her own firearm, her own cell phone, and her own internet account.

    The State of Missouri had all the information in this case, but declined to bring any charges against Mr. Bagley. There is nothing Mr. Bagley did to this female that many BDSM couples do not routinely engage in.

    It is sad you blindly believe the allegations of the prosecution. I have personal knowledge of the facts of this case. The alleged victim was not mentally retarded and had never been deemed incompetent by any court of law.

    The alleged victim did have a below average IQ, low self-esteem, and was easily influenced by others. Mr. Bagley influenced her for his own purposes. Then Federal agents influenced her for their purposes. This was not a case of human trafficking.

    The alleged female victim was proud of her photos in Larry Flynt’s TABBOO magazine. There you could see her torturing herself and see other females torturing her while she was smiling and laughing. After Bagley was arrested she told the FBI she wanted to return to work as a stripper, but the FBI found a way to get her money in exchange for her not damaging their case by working as a stripper. They told her they would set up a victim’s fund for her so she would not have to work. I know the facts of this case better than anyone. If you have any questions, I can answer them.

    Federal agents sent her to a Christian fundamenalist therapist who convinced her that nudity is evil, that stripping is sinful and immoral, that people who engage in BDSM are mentally ill. They convinced her that Ed Bagley was an evil man, and what he did to her was evil. Now she is a born-again Christain who feels a great deal of guilt for having willingly engaged in all the behavior she engaged in. Federal agents have convinced her that her TABOO magazine port shoot was not her fault, even though she was proud of it. They convinced her that Ed Bagley is to blame for all her past behavior, even though Ed Bagley neved forced her to do anything she really did not want to do. She was free to leave anytime she wanted to leave. Ed Bagley never threatened her. He did entice her by making her promises that for the most part he kept.
    Many BDSM relationship take place between 18 year-old females and older males. Many 18 year-old females have been into BDSM for many years, as soon as they discovered it on their own on the internet. Many females are sexually active before the age of 18.


  2. There are strong, intelligent female executives into BDSM who eagerly seek out males who will do to them, what Ed Bagley did to this female. Many females into BDSM have low self-esteem, but many are highly educated and have have high self-esteem. Females into BDSM get something out of it, or they wouldn’t be doing it. They are very picky who they select to be their “master.” They are not submissive to strangers. They get pleasure from pleasing their master. Some are this way because they were brought up this way. Some females can’t enjoy sex unless it is accompanied with pain or abuse. Some strong, females with a healthy ego crave pain or abuse during sex because that is part of their feminine nature.


  3. “The alleged victim did have a below average IQ, low self-esteem, and was easily influenced by others. Mr. Bagley influenced her for his own purposes.”

    Funny how you think that equals “completely consensual”. Methinks thou dost protest too much. Perhaps you are one of the other people that partook in torturing this poor woman?


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