We get letters: Craigslist Creeper Ray

Raymond Boden
Raymond Boden

So, the other day I received an e-mail about Raymond Boden who I dubbed a craigslist creeper. Go read what he did. I’ll wait.

You’re back? Ok, here’s the e-mail…

You dub him “Craigslist Creeper”. I am all for the first amendment, but seriously you have NO IDEA who this man REALLY is or what he stands for. No, I don’t agree with his choices, but he was NOT looking for a 12 year old. In fact he asked on several occasions how old the daughter was! Why is it that law enforcement is never looked at as a possible problem? Does anyone ever think that showers like To Catch a Predator can make police set people up?

And really? Craigslist Creeper? A bit harsh don’t you think? Yes, it may get you readers but at who’s expense? I know that when Ray gets out my kids or my grandchildren will be with him ALONE and they will love him as much, if not more than I always have – and ALWAYS WILL!!

First off you act like I dubbed him THE craigslist creeper. Take a look around. He’s just A craigslist creeper. Unfortunately, only one of many. He wasn’t the first, and he isn’t the last.

Secondly I’m really sure he was set up. That’s why he pleaded guilty. I hear that all the time. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that I’d at least be able to take my family out for a nice dinner.

Speaking of family, if you really want to leave your kids or grandkids around him that’s your prerogative. Not only is blood thicker than water it’s dumber than water too. I’d hate to see any child get molested, but I’m not the one that will have to pay for therapy if Uncle Ray ever had his way.

Oh, and don’t flatter your friend Ray. He’s not going to get me any more readers.

5 thoughts on “We get letters: Craigslist Creeper Ray”

    1. Exactly…and Boden’s wife(?) seems to forget that the pervs busted on TCaP almost always initiated contact w/the decoys first, steered the convo in a sexual direction, then made plans to meet @ the sting house…come to think of it, that’s probably Boden’s MO, as well.


  1. You know “set up” kinda implies guilt. I really can’t believe a person wrote a letter like this to a blogger. What a narcissist.


    1. STFU that is my grandpa and he is the most kindest person I know and my grandma is not a narcissist y’all all are.


  2. When Boden is released from prison, he has an additional 10 years of supervised release, which has the condition that Boden can not have contact with a minor. Boden could go back to prison for another 10 years if the letter writer follows through with their intentions.


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