Guy from Liberty County to lose his after soliciting teen on Facebook

Stanley Haney
Stanley Haney

Liberty County sex offender found teen prey on Facebook:

Police in Montgomery County, Texas arrested 38-year-old Stanley Haney of Liberty County for allegedly soliciting a teen over Facebook for sex. Investigators were notified by a 13-year-old girl’s mother who told them that a Facebook friend of her daughter was posting inappropriate messages on her Facebook page.

Investigators then posed as the teen and another 15-year-old girl on Facebook. They say that Haney sent sexually explicit messages to both teens and agreed to meet both of them. At one of the meetings Haney was arrested. Haney is a registered sex offender. I was not able to find out what his original offense was. Again the registry doesn’t stop predators from re-offending.

Good job on mom for taking the time to not only monitor her daughter’s Facebook page but also having the courage to notify police.

Now it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted about a Facebook predator. Much like I asked about Backpage has the predator problem on Facebook been curtailed or is it just being under-reported? I would have to say under-reported. When MySpace was at the height of its popularity, there was never a shortage of stories about MySpace predators. That’s because even though MySpace seemed to be everywhere it was mostly seen as for kids and young adults while Facebook is seen as being for all ages. Plus Facebook is so much more ubiquitous than MySpace ever was that it’s just seen as another communication tool like e-mail or text messaging. If a child is approached by a predator through e-mail or text I doubt it would make the news. Facebook has become that banal that predators on it are no longer news in my opinion. That’s a shame really because if they’re not in the news, then it can lull some parents into a false sense of security that Facebook is somehow safe from predators.

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