Skull identified as belonging to Zahra Baker

Zahra Baker

Zahra Baker’s skull identified:

One thing that I don’t think I ever posted about the Zahra Baker story was that last year investigators found a skull that they believed belonged to murdered 10-year-old Zahra Baker. I never posted this in case the skull turned out not to be hers. Today it was announced that the skull was in fact Zahra’s.

For those of you who may not remember Zahra was reported missing from her home in Hickory, North Carolina with her father Adam Baker and her wicked stepmother Elisa Baker. As it turned out, she was murdered and dismembered by Elisa Baker. Baker pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to only 14-18 years. Zahra was a cancer survivor who had also lost her hearing and one of her legs who by all reports loved everyone around her. She most certainly did not deserve the fate that befell upon her.

Unfortunately, with the skull being identified as Zahra’s forensics could not determine exactly how she was killed.

I can only hope that with this it can help bring some kind of closure and peace to the people who truly loved her.

13 thoughts on “Skull identified as belonging to Zahra Baker”

  1. It’s such a sad story. That poor little girl. Does anyone know why Dad had custody? I heard that it was because Mum had a diagnosed mental illness & wasn’t coping so she asked for help (good parents ask for help when they need it). I’m not sure how accurate that is but if true then it’s absolutely tragic & that poor woman will probably be haunted by her decision for the rest of her life.


    1. Mum had post natal depression, so the sperm donor had custody of her. But PND usually clears up with anti-depressants, a cup of tea and a chat with a counsellor, how could he still have custody of her even if Mum got better? The local county have named a park after Zahra, called the Zahra Baker All Children’s park. It has modified swings and stuff for differently abled kids.


  2. This story hits very close to home as Zahra lived in Newcastle with her mum for a while. Her sperm donor met the wicked step-c*** online, both played World of Warcraft and they met in forum (WoW is evil, I tell ya!). How he could move his precious daughter in with some random bitch he met online (who could’ve been a pedophile), I’ll never know. She went through so much in her short life, survived bone cancer, lost her hearing and her leg, all for the wicked step-c*** and the sperm donor to kill her. Absolutely disgusting.


    1. This hit home for me as well because Hickory is only a short drive from here. This story was on the news constantly here and that’s why I posted so much about it.

      I thought they had met on IMVU which is like a trailer trash version of Second Life.


      1. It might have been both. I really don’t get the point of wasting hours of time online on MMORPG games like WoW or IMVU, it’s just so weird. Even my partner and his friends who are into Skyrim and host LAN parties hate WoW and IMVU. An ex boyfriend of my best friend spent 16 hours a day playing WoW – no job, no social life. He’d ditch my bestie to meet with his guild and do lame raids. It was awful and I was glad when she dumped his lame arse.


        1. I play an MMO because I’m unemployed and there’s only so many ways to fill in the hours of a day while waiting for work. However as soon as I have a job I doubt that I would even touch it. Also I don’t do guilds because I don’t play well with others. And it’s free which is a bonus.


          1. I feel for you. I’m underemployed, even though I have two jobs. Some things I could’ve done better (like studying science instead of politics) but the bottom fell out of the economy. But the difference is, that you want to work and you’re looking for work. The loser BF didn’t care, didn’t want to work. My bestie gave him another chance because it looked like he’d changed (he had a job even if it was at a pizza place). But then he quit and refused to get another job. He goes to tafe one day a week and then spends the rest of his time playing games and watching anime. My bestie dumped him and we cheered!
            Chin up, Trench, the bad times don’t last forever and it can only get better from here 🙂


    2. You see, Men don’t think that women are capable of shit like this. They will protect their assets with a prenup because we’re all (apparently) gold digging whores, but they don’t think that a woman is capable of visiting such horrors on a child. Clearly they never stumbled upon this site while looking for statistics about child abuse for a Uni paper!


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