Phoenix woman posed as pregnant teen on Facebook to rape teen boys

Jennifer Dempsey

PD: AZ woman has sex with teens, fakes cancer to avoid arrest:

Jennifer Dempsey accused of faking cancer, having sex with minors:

35-year-old Jennifer Dempsey of Phoenix, Arizona was arrested recently for allegedly raping two boys, ages 14 and 16, that she met through Facebook. Now the news articles will say she ‘seduced’ or ‘had sex’ with the boys but let’s call it what it is, rape. It may be statutory rape but rape nonetheless. In case you’re wondering the age of consent in Arizona is 18.

Authorities say that Dempsey posed as a 16-year-old pregnant girl on Facebook and told both victims that she knew her parents. According to reports, this shouldn’t be unusual since she’s a faker of epic proportions. According to police she also had her family convinced that she was suffering from cancer going as far as to shave her head, buying wigs and having a chemotherapy port attached to her chest, albeit taped to her chest. She even tried using the cancer defense on police saying she was too ill to rape her victims.

Police believe that the rapes may have been going on for some time.

People with information related to the case are asked to contact the Phoenix Police Department’s Family Investigation Bureau at 602-534-2121 or Silent Witness.

Now there are going to be some douchebags out there who are going to say there’s no crime here. These are the same guys, and it’s always guys, who say I wish I was getting that tail at 15. You people, and I use that term loosely, are borderline pedo defenders. Yes, I realize it’s actually called ephebophilia but a creeper by any other name is still a creeper. These are probably the same guys who call all women sluts. If this happened to my son when he was 14 I wouldn’t have been patting him on the back saying ‘Noice’. I would be at the courthouse every time this predator had an appearance to make sure that she was going to jail. As the old saying goes if this was a 35-year-old guy who ‘had sex’ with a 14-year-old girl we’d all be storming the jailhouse with pitchforks, torches, and nooses.

Anybody who thinks this form or any form of child molestation is acceptable should do society a favor and kill themselves.

5 thoughts on “Phoenix woman posed as pregnant teen on Facebook to rape teen boys”

  1. Mr. Reynolds, I just found your site. Thank you for your reporting. Regardless of a child’s gender or age, rape is rape. Society is quick to hide or ignore these behaviors. Because it will never happen to their kids. Until it does.

    Anonymouse is an ass. I admit I giggled at your response. However, I do applaud you both for your response and for your reports. In the few posts I’ve read I am learning about other dangers out there such as MeetMe. I look forward to future reading and learning how to be better at keeping my family and self safer. Thank you, again.


    1. First I apologize for the delay in my response. Secondly thank you for your comment. I’m tired of all these people who enforce the double standard of when an older woman ‘has sex’ with an underage teen that it’s ok but if the roles were reversed the man would be buried under the jail.


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