Tacoma man pimped out teen girl on Backpage for love

Love is blind and often brain-damaged.

Tacoma man, teen girlfriend charged with prostituting teen on Backpage:

21-year-old David Diaz of Tacoma, Washington, and his 16-year-old *ugh* girlfriend were arrested by police in Lakewood, Wash. for allegedly prostituting another 16-year-old girl on Backpage. Diaz allegedly told police that he did it out of love.

The girl was allegedly turned out at least 75 times by Diaz and his squeeze. The girl knew Diaz’s girlfriend from school. The girlfriend allegedly recruited the girl for Diaz.

Diaz had only been dating the girl for two months and claims that she came up with the idea.

Diaz told police he met his girlfriend two months ago and she started talking about prostituting girls to make money. He claimed he was only paid $20 per “date” and his girlfriend gave him gas money for driving the victim to various motels.

“The defendant admitted he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he tried to make (his girlfriend) happy because he loved her,” according to documents.

I remember being young and stupid thinking that I loved someone after an incredibly short period of time together. But no matter how stupid I was I would have never agreed to something as degrading as prostituting my girlfriend’s friend. What the hell are kids thinking these days?

Also, this another story out of the Sea-Tac area. The only region where it seems these stories are being reported anymore. Ever since that Backpage allegedly split from Village Voice Media it seems like that we’ve gone back to square one in trying to raise awareness on how Backpage is making money from the exploitation of these women and children. Where’s CNN? They seemed to be so hot on the topic when it was craigslist but now nothing? The same goes for 48 Hours when there was the ‘craigslist killer’ Philip Markoff. Yet nothing about an underage girl who was sold for sex 75 times. Sad.

3 thoughts on “Tacoma man pimped out teen girl on Backpage for love”

  1. David did not “pimp” her out . He just did what was asked . He did not associate with the prostitute or anything . He drove where he was asked to drive &amp bought a room he was asked to buy . No question’s asked just to make me happy . He didn’t do it for money . He didn’t ask for money . He’s not a pimp . This is all ridiculous &amp unnecessary, he’s a good person that would do anything just to make someone he loved happy . He didn’t know about most the stuff going on . He thinks he does but he was barely even around while this went on . Only when i needed him . This was all my doing . Nobody elses .


    1. He. Was. Breaking. The. Law. Ignoring the obvious issue of their relationship being child rape, people who love each other do not support or facilitate destructive behavior in each other. An anorexic wants to starve themselves, but nobody in their right mind who loves them would allow them to continue. If the situation is as you say then if she really loved him she would not involve him in illegal acts (including the whole child rape bit.) If he really loved her then he would not even be involved with her due to the fact that she is a CHILD. Ignoring that, love is not helping someone prostitute themselves, particularly when they’re sixteen and should be focused on the schooling they’re legally and culturally obligated to have.


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