Backpage child pimps busted but not in Washington

Dontavious Mingel Blake

Couple used to pimp 15-year-old girl, say federal prosecutors:

Federal investigators recently arrested 32-year-old Dontavious Mingel Blake and 26-year-old Tara Jo Moore for allegedly prostituting several people in the Palm Beach County, Florida area including a 15-year-old girl. The 15-year-old was not only advertised on Backpage but she says that Blake and Moore continued to use her picture even after she stopped working for them. She should consider herself lucky because most pimps and traffickers don’t allow anyone to stop working for them. Blake and Moore are both looking at life sentences although I’ll believe that when I see it.

Now I would imagine that Florida has to be one of the biggest sex trafficking hotspots in the country. Between all the tourist attractions and the multitude of reasons there are for visiting Florida you would think that he would hear more of these stories out of the Sunshine State, yet we don’t.

The last Florida Backpage story I posted was in January but before that the most recent child prostitution arrest I posted about was in July of last year. Again, I doubt that child sex trafficking activity has curtailed in Florida and I doubt that Backpage is doing anything about it. Granted in this case Backpage did respond to FBI requests but obviously didn’t do anything to prevent the advertisement of an underage girl being sold for sex from appearing on their website.

It’s not just Florida though, this is happening all over the country yet it’s barely being reported anymore. Are these types of stories too depressing for readers so publications and media outlets don’t do them, or is it because rarely are the victims blonde girls from suburbia?

One child, any child regardless of race, religion, or social status being trafficked for sex in this country is too many and the people need to be informed that it is going on in their backyards no matter where they live.

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