Timothy Smith convicted in Illinois craigslist murder

Timothy Smith

Smith found guilty of first-degree murder:

Today 28-year-old Timothy Smith of Woodstock, Illinois was convicted of first-degree murder for the May 2011 shooting of 48-year-old Kurt Milliman.

At the time Smith was prostituting his pregnant wife on craigslist and Milliman went to their home to use her ‘services’. According to Smith’s wife, Milliman was drunk and she asked him to leave. When Milliman tried to force the issue by allegedly slapping Smith’s wife Smith shot Milliman in the back with a .38. However, instead of calling police Smith tried to make the crime scene look like a break-in by breaking a window and rearranging various items in the home. Meanwhile, Milliman was still alive and bleeding to death. Smith claims he did this because he was ashamed of what he and his wife were doing. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he didn’t want to be arrested for pimping his pregnant wife.

Smith is facing 45 to 85 years while his wife was granted immunity from the murder charges for her testimony. He is scheduled to be sentenced in late April.

While justice has been served there are no good guys in this story, only bad guys. Smith was turning out his pregnant wife while Milliman was supposedly violent towards her when she refused his money. All during a time when craigslist had supposedly gotten rid of prostitution ads on their site. If only one of the parties involved actually acted like a responsible human being none of this would have happened.

UPDATE 6/3/2013: Timothy Smith was sentenced to 50 years. His wife is looking at 1 to 6 and will be sentenced later this week.

UPDATE 6/16/2013: Smith’s wife was sentenced to two years probation.

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