Kids are stupid: Perry Hall High gunman told multiple students about plot

 Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.
Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.

Perry Hall school shooter left behind a chilling digital trail:

And by kids, I don’t just mean today’s teens I mean teenagers, in general, have been stupid for quite some time. I was a stupid teen and I bet you were too.

However, some of the students at Perry Hall High in Baltimore may want to brush up on their skills. According to The Baltimore Sun Robert Gladden Jr. not only texted someone about what he was going to do but he also told several students and one student even saw the shotgun he was carrying in his backpack. None of them took him seriously and none of them told anyone until after Gladden shot Daniel Borowy. Only by the grace of God was no one killed.

Kids, don’t be stupid. If someone is talking about or you believe that someone is actually about to carry out a shooting at school tell someone. It’s better to be wrong and tell someone than right and tell none and people get hurt or killed.

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