Backpage has killers too, this one happened in Minn.

Alberto Prece Palmer
Alberto Prece Palmer

Woodbury Man Arrested as Suspect in Brittany Clardy Murder Case:

Man arrested in death of St. Paul teen found in towed car was wanted in violent attacks:

18-year-old Brittany Clardy of St. Paul, Minnesota was reported missing on February 11th. Her body was found on February 21st inside of a car that had been towed from a Brooklyn Park apartment complex to a police impound lot. Investigators say that she was working as a prostitute that had been advertised on Backpage. Police now believe that they have captured her killer.

In March police arrested 23-year-old Alberto Prece Palmer who was staying at a residence in Woodbury, MN. Palmer also has warrants out for his arrest in Georgia where he had attacked other prostitutes from Backpage.

Alberto Prece Palmer, 23, is accused of putting the woman in a closet and raping and beating her. He then allegedly bound and gagged her, wrapped her in blankets and put her in a plastic storage container in her car. She reportedly escaped hours later, said Chamblee, Ga., police Sgt. Ernesto Ford.

So not only does Backpage have their hands in all sorts of sex trafficking of women and children but they also have their hand in a number of murders. Sadly Ms. Clardy is far from the first women to advertise on Backpage to be murdered. Yet Backpage will still insist that it’s their First Amendment right to not only advertise these women but to make a nice little profit off of them as well. It doesn’t matter how many children have been sold for sex, how many girls and women have been raped or how many have been killed. For Backpage it’s all about their bottom line. Apparently the First Amendment rights of Backpage are infinitely more important than the lives of the women and children that are advertised on their site. Again not enough people are outraged about Backpage and they should. I guess ‘Backpage Killer’ doesn’t have the same punch or alliteration as ‘Craigslist Killer’ for these stories to be national headlines.

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