The Midland (TX) MyYearbook molester

Jeffrey Allen Cary
Jeffrey Allen Cary

Midland Man Behind Bars for Sexual Assault of a Child:

MPD: Midland man arrested on sexual assault charges:

Before I get to Bat Boy I wanted to make one thing clear. While the articles linked to may call the website MyYearbook it is actually now known as or just MeetMe.

Anyway Bat Boy over there is 21-year-old Jeffrey Allen Cary of Midland, Texas. He was arrested after allegedly picking up two 14-year-old girls who were cutting school, taking them to get synthetic marijuana then having sex twice (multiple child rapes) with one of the girls. Police say that he met the victim on MyYearbook/MeetMe. Police also say that he admitted knowing that the girl was 14.

Personally I’d like to know how the girls were able to skip school without their parents being notified or don’t schools do that anymore?

Parents, please take the time to learn exactly what social sites your kids are using and who they’re friends with online. Make sure they’re using their actual ages and not friending someone inappropriately. As I am fond of saying in these situations you are the only defense between your kids and online predators and I’ll keep saying it until creeps like this are a thing of the past.

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