OR teacher suspended over Snapchat exchange


Oregon City teacher on leave after SnapChat photo sent to student:

You can read my initial take on Snapchat here. To sum up Snapchat is a smart phone and tablet app that allows you to exchange pictures but the pictures are only supposed to be able to be viewed for ten seconds.

While this story has not yet been called a crime I think it deserves attention. A male high school teacher in Oregon City, Oregon has been suspended after an alleged inappropriate exchange with a female student on Snapchat. According to reports the student supposedly sent a semi-nude picture of herself to the teacher on Snapchat. In return the teacher is said to have sent the student an inappropriate photo. The photo is said to be not a nude of the teacher but something that is inappropriate to be sending a teenage girl.

As I mentioned in my previous post about Snapchat while they may say otherwise this is pretty much just a sexting app. Why else would you have to have a picture self delete after ten seconds? Not to mention that just about any picture sent on Snapchat can be saved anyway. I would definitely recommend checking your kids’ cell phones to make sure they don’t have Snapchat installed on it.

Now while the teacher has not been charged with a crime why on Earth would he not only have Snapchat but why would he give out his user info so he could exchange pics with students. If this turns out not to be a crime this teacher should at least be fired.

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