Snapchat doesn’t delete pics says tech company


‘Deleted’ Snapchat photos saved in phone data, can be examined as evidence:

You’ve seen me post about Snapchat before, it’s the smart phone app that is supposed to delete any picture you send tyo another user after ten seconds. Except according to a company by the name of Decipher Forensics the pictures aren’t deleted at all. As a matter of fact the Utah based company says that the pictures are saved to the phone itself.

“There’s a folder called RECEIVED_IMAGES_SNAPS,” forensics examiner Richard Hickman explained, pointing at his computer screen. “And here they are.”

The reason the photos don’t vanish appears to be due to the way the makers of Snapchat designed the program. Hickman said that rather than have the program delete the files, it affixes the file extension “.NOMEDIA.”

That extension makes the pictures unviewable to most people, but Hickman said forensics experts have the capability to simply take the files out of the phone and change the .NOMEDIA extension. The pictures are then viewable once again.

Anyway if you or your kids have sent any picture through Snapchat, whether the picture is appropriate or not, it’s still out there and it’s only a matter of time before someone comes out with an app that recovers the pictures. And as you should know by now once a picture hits the internet it’s out there forever.

UPDATE: Snapchat responded by saying “We’re really not paying much attention to it.”

UPDATE 6/3/2013: There is an app that can delete your Snapchat pics from your phone but as the article points out that doesn’t mean that the person on the other end still doesn’t have them.

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