No drugs found in Adam Lanza psychiatric or otherwise

Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza

Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Had No Drugs, Alcohol In System:

Last week it was leaked by an anonymous official attached to the Sandy Hook investigation that Adam Lanza’s toxicology report did not turn up any illegal or prescription drugs in his system. As I’ve posted before usually charlatans and quacks come out after a school shooting and are quick to blame anti-depressants as the real motive behind these kinds of shootings. Dealing with them is kind of like dealing with conspiracy theorists. If the suspect was on anti-depressants the shooting was caused by the meds. If the shooter wasn’t on any meds then the shooting must have happened because he went off his meds. Why can’t it just ever be that he was a crazy bastard?

It’s no secret that I am a firm advocate of medical science and anti-depressants. As I’ve said numerous times an anti-depressant basically turned my life around. Have I had a bad reaction to some? Yes, I have. Unfortunately finding the right one can be a trial and error kind of process. However when I did have a bad reaction the only person I wanted to hurt was myself. If, and that’s a mighty big if, a prescription medication causes someone to murder it’s more than likely that person had murderous intentions to begin with.

As far as I’m concerned the people who blame these things on anti-depressants are on the same level of people who believe vaccines cause autism. Both are misinformed and are wallowing in their ignorance.

UPDATE 10/29/2013: These findings have been made official but just like I mentioned the media is blaming the lack of meds in his system as a reason behind the shootings.

But did the troubled 20-year-old slip into a murderous rage because he was off his prescription medication?

How about no? Does no work for you? Because the answer is no. Just, no.

It’s more likely that he want into a murderous rage because he was an over-entitled psychopath.

4 thoughts on “No drugs found in Adam Lanza psychiatric or otherwise”

  1. The thing most people fail to understand about anti-depressants is that they give the people taking them more energy in the beginning, without actually changing their moods. Anti-depressants have been blamed for suicides you’d think it was some sick irony but that’s really what’s going on, the suicidal people taking it just had more energy to try to kill themselves. It’s the same for the homicidal.


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