I always feel like someone (from Salem) is watching me

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The picture above is some of the traffic stats for my website. By taking a look at it you can see that someone from Salem, Massachusetts was very interested in my posts about the West Memphis 3. What a coincidence since triple convicted child killer Damien Echols lives in Salem.

While possible it’s probably unlikely that this was Echols checking my site out. It would be more likely that it would be one of his flunkies. I really hope it’s neither though. I hope it’s just a normal citizen of Salem researching on what kind of fraud and monster Echols really is.

8 thoughts on “I always feel like someone (from Salem) is watching me”

  1. Well I happen to live in Salem, Trench, and love your stuff but this wasn’t me as I was on the road heading back from the cape on the day in question. Hopefully a fellow citizen looking for the truth about Echols/Hyde. One must not rule out our resident child-killer, however, as he just LOVES to read about his favorite topic in the world: HIMSELF!


  2. I’m convinced he wears those ridiculous sunglasses to hide his eyes which are creepy but also are a dead give away when he is lying. Which is most of the time he is talking.


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