Was Nichole Cable killed by a Facebook ‘friend’?

Kyle Dube
Kyle Dube

Kyle Dube charged in death of Nichole Cable:

Nichole Cable Knew The Man Accused Of Killing Her, Friend Says:

15-year-old Nichole Cable of Glenburn, Maine went missing on May 12th. At the time of her disappearance her family thought that she may have been lured away from her home by a man on Facebook using the alias of Bryan Butterfield. The Facebook profile in question was deleted shortly after Nichole went missing. Tragically this story does not have a happy ending as Nichole’s body was found the next night.

Charged in her murder was 20-year-old Kyle Dube. He was due to report to jail the Friday after her body was found for trying to elude police on a motorcycle at speeds in excess of 100 MPH. Friends of Nichole say that she knew Dube and that the two had planned to see each other the weekend before Dube was to report to jail.

Other details in the case have not been made public because a judge has sealed an important affidavit in the case because Dube’s lawyer is worried about pre-trial publicity. However one of the prosecutors has said that social media did play a role in the case but did not elaborate.

Nichole Cable
Nichole Cable

My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the friends and family of Nichole Cable.

If it turns out that Facebook or any social media is a non-factor in the story I will still continue to post about it as details become available.

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