Nichole Cable died during staged kidnapping

Kyle Dube
Kyle Dube

Police: Maine man tried to stage girl’s kidnap, rescue to be ‘the hero,’ but she died in truck:

In case you couldn’t tell I’ve been a week or two behind in posting stories. I try to post them in order which is why it was two weeks later that I posted last night about the disappearance and murder of 15-year-old Nichole Cable. Today I’ve tossed out that personal rule because of what information has come out about her murder.

Today in an affidavit released by Maine State Police it’s alleged that her suspected killer, Kyle Dube, kidnapped Nichole in order to ‘rescue’ her. The affidavit was previously ruled to remain sealed until Dube’s indictment and he was indicted today. Why he wanted to do this is unknown at this time but if I had to hazard a guess it may have been some kind of idiotic ploy of his to get out of his jail sentence for eluding police.

The affidavit states that Dube used a fake Facebook account to lure her into the woods where he abducted her while wearing ski mask. He then duct taped Nichole and put her in the back of his father’s pickup truck. Somewhere between the abduction point and Dube’s destination Nichole died. I can’t even imagine the fear that she must have been going through being bound and thrown in a truck not knowing that her abductor was someone who she may have considered a friend. Later Dube dumped Nichole’s body in the woods and covered it up with branches. At this time the cause of Nichole’s death has not been made public. The fake Facebook account that Dube is said to have used was in the name of Bryan Butterfield who is an actual friend of Nichole’s. Facebook was able to track the fake account to Dube’s home. The actual Butterfield told investigators that Dube had previous sexual advances rejected by Nichole. That doesn’t surprise me in the least. Maybe his hero ploy was so that Nichole would be come romantically infatuated with Dube after her ‘rescue’.

So either way Nichole’s life was more than likely slowly taken away from her body because of scheme this assclown probably got off of some idiotic TV show or movie. He should be dropped in the middle of some God forsaken third world hell hole where black bag kidnappings are a common occurrence and let him see how the professionals do it. Of course with the knowledge that there will be no ransom and there will be no rescue and have the life slowly drained from his as it was Nichole.

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