Facebook vigilantes falsely shame one man, cause death of another

On my personal Facebook I’m always going on about how people shouldn’t just re-share everything they see on Facebook. Facebook has become a dumping ground for every misinformed story and urban legend on the internet. I’m about to show you two examples of why you shouldn’t do that.

First we go to Toledo, Ohio where a man by the name of Chad Michael Lesko was falsely accused of child rape in the following post…


You read that right. That post was shared over 25,000 times. Mr. Lesko and his mother received a number of death threats because of this. However the post was allegedly made because Lesko broke up with a friend of the false accuser. Mr. Lesko even admits that he was molested by his father as a boy and says that he would never go down that road. While Mr. Lesko is trying to piece his life back together Steven Rudderham can no longer do that.

Steven Rudderham
Steven Rudderham

Mr. Rudderham of Hull, England had admonished a 14-year-old girl on Facebook for publicly giving her contact information to a 60-year-old man that she didn’t know. Apparently someone didn’t care for that and posted his name and address on Facebook claiming that Mr. Rudderham was a pedophile. Of course that was shared and re-shared by the Facebook hive mind. Much like Mr. Lesko, Mr. Rudderham had also received several death threats. He was so distraught over the posts and threats that he hung himself in a graveyard.

So stop and think before you re-share that post labeling somebody as a pedophile or danger to children, it may not be true and it may lead to dire consequences. All it takes is a simple Google search to see if it’s true or not. Don’t be just another Facebook follower, be a voice of reason and truth.

5 thoughts on “Facebook vigilantes falsely shame one man, cause death of another”

  1. This goes on all the time, especially if you keep up with shows like Steve Wilkos. Where a mother makes a similar false accusation, proven they’re a liar with a reputable polygraph, the father has all that wasted time and in many cases, the mother is projecting what her own boyfriend/new husband is guilty of, onto the father of the kid.

    IMO because it destroys a person’s career, livelihood, reputation and all that, anyone making false accusations like that should be arrested and have to do the same amount of time a person would for actually committing the crime. It’s bad enough the damage they create but also screwing up their kid(s) in the process, filling their heads with things to repeat and have no idea what they’re even talking about. Automatic child abuse charges.


  2. A friend had today posted the Chad Lesko post.. This is what brought me to this page.. It is horrifying that in an instant something false posted on Social Media can destroy loves, not only of named person but families, careers.. Yes the person posting falsities shou.d be prosecuted to the full… Glad there is someone out there reporting on these cases.. Will follow in future and spread the word as in truth and not lies or vengeful posts..


      1. Yeah, just saw the Cody Write pic shared by someone on my FB…as the above poster, it’s what lead me here. Amazing how people can take the time to browse FB and share posts but don’t have the time to Google before sharing and believing everything they read. I gave a heads up and linked the poster to your page…here’s hoping that cuts off at least one of the many, many viral sharing heads :

        Thanks for posting this info. Made it easy for me to find and it’s an interesting (albeit sad) read.


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